DTES Community Programs

The Powell Street Festival Society’s Advocacy and Outreach Committee host a series of year round events which incorporate capacity building opportunities for peers, distribution of food and useful resources for DTES residents, and cultural activities and prompts which share Japanese Canadian history and culture. 

Asahi Tribute Game

Fall DTES Programming

The Vancouver Asahi was a Japanese Canadian baseball team that played in the Powell Street area, a historically Japanese Canadian community, from 1914 to 1941. Their home field was Oppenheimer Park.

We play baseball in recognition of the Vancouver Asahi for their contribution to the sport of baseball (the team was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003 and the BC Sports Hall of Fame in 2005), and for their place in and impact on the history of Canada, human and citizenship rights, and community-building.

The Annual Vancouver Asahi Tribute Game is a free, inclusive, and family-friendly place to play ball, eat hot dogs, and come together for some summer fun!

In lieu of the Annual Asahi Tribute Game, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, PSFS screened the feature film The Vancouver Asahi at the DTES Heart of the City Festival. PSFS partnered with VJLSJH/Atira’s Respite Space in the Japanese HallTo add to the festivities, PSFS distributed popcorn and origami baseball cap art prompts! A heartfelt thank you to Grace Eiko Thomson for providing access to the film. 

Click to enjoy our Asahi Tribute- Origami Baseball Cap Prompt!

Hanami Cherry Blossom Picnic

Spring DTES Programming

Celebrate the Sakura Blossoms with free Japanese Curry Lunch  and Haiku and Calligraphy Workshops. Presented by Powell Street Festival Society and Oppenheimer Park. 

Minori Harvest

Winter DTES Programming

Celebrating and sharing the delicious abundance of autumn with our DTES community! Click to enjoy our Minori Harvest- Pumpkin Origami Prompt!