Festival Lottery 2022

Winners are announced below beside each prize.

Win one of 20 prizes donated and sponsored by our longstanding community partners and independent businesses! All proceeds go toward Powell Street Festival Society and help ensure our ongoing sustainability and resilience. 

You can buy tickets at the Festival, or buy in advance from community partners or directly from us on this page! Draws will take place on July 30 at 1:30PM, and July 31 at 6:00PM at Oppenheimer Park*. Attendance is not required and all winners will be contacted. 

Thank you to The Listel Hotel, Hapa Izakaya and Mint Records for sponsoring a portion of the prizes.

The festival lottery is the lifeblood of Powell Street Festival. It was launched in the early 1980s and, for many years, was the main source of income to cover the festival production costs. These days, it is the lottery’s intrinsic value that continues to fuel the festival as it represents the symbiotic relationship of community stakeholders. The lottery:

  • keeps us connected to our community partners who donate the prizes;
  • supports grassroots community groups who sell the tickets as a fundraiser for themselves; 
  • provides an inexpensive and easy way for festival goers to show their support. 

“As a young intern 30 years ago, I phoned community supporters such as Tad’s Sporting Goods and Iwata Travel to confirm their donations. I then met a variety of small business owners as I travelled about town to collect the prizes,” explains executive director Emiko Morita. “Since then, many factors such as the seismic changes in the travel industry and competing community lotteries—not to mention a global pandemic—have threatened to diminish the lottery program. However, to this day, our festival interns are on the telephone and tripping about town to collect prizes! We’ve been tenacious about keeping it going because it represents the strength of the Japanese Canadian community network, the very essence of Powell Street Festival.”

True to Powell Street Festival’s grassroots charm, while we offer online ticket sales, the lottery remains analog: we’ll have dedicated interns and volunteers handwriting and mailing your ticket stubs to each purchaser!

Prizes Drawn on July 31st

Grand Prize! – Staycation at The Listel Hotel for Two – One-night stay at The Listel Hotel with dinner at Forage restaurant – Winner: Kunji Ikeda, #2909

2nd Prize – Dinner & Music Package – Red Cat Records Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable, $50 Red Cat Records gift card, $50 Lucky’s Books and Comics gift card, $50 Mint Records gift card, $50 Hapa Izakaya gift card – Winner: Connie Kadota, #1050

3rd Prize – Festival Nights Out – Two Vancouver Latin American Film Festival Superpasses, $25 Dosanko gift card – Winner: Midori Sakuta, #096

4th Prize – Festival Celebrations – Ten vouchers for in-person screenings at Vancouver International Film Festival, $50 TAKENAKA gift card, $50 Hapa Izakaya gift card – Winner: Diane, #1950

5th Prize – Fun with Friends – Self-portrait photo session at NAMI Studio for up to 4 people, a made-to-order cake from Cadeaux Bakery – Winner: Sayuri Katayama, #1567

6th Prize – Kathy Shimizu Print – 40th Anniversary Reprint 2016 6″ x 4″ block print (water-based ink on rice paper) in a 8″ x 10″ frame – Winner: K Yoshida, #2817

7th Prize Collection of Books and Magazines Mixed Critters by Jeff Chiba StearnsNori and His Delicious Dreams by Jeff Chiba StearnsOn Being Yukiko by Jeff Chiba Stearns, Ricepaper Magazine anthologies: Belief, AlliterAsian, Immersion, Currents and Henry Chow and other stories, Membership and one-year subscription to The Bulletin magazine – Winner: Kunji Ikeda, #920

8th Prize – Dine Out – $100 Aburi Restaurants Canada gift card, $50 Hapa Izakaya gift card, $25 Dosanko gift card – Winner: Lisa Uyeda, #166

9th Prize- Arsenal Pulp Press Books #1 From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea by Kai Cheng Thom, Dear Scarlet by Teresa Wong, Oracle Bone by Lydia Kwa, a place called No Homeland by Kai Cheng Thom, Automaton Biographies by Larissa Lai, Double Melancholy by C. E. Gatchalian, Iron Goddess of Mercy by Larissa Lai, Membership and one-year subscription to The Bulletin magazine – Winner: Helen Kang, #1267

10th Prize – Showstopper – Two tickets to a the frank theatre production, four vouchers for in-person screenings at The Cinematheque, $50 Hapa Izakaya gift card – Winner: Erin Nishi, #2018

Prizes Drawn on July 30th

11th Prize – Big Basket of Gift Cards – One in-person private introductory Vancouver Ikebana Association class, $50 Out & About gift card, $50 Hapa Izakaya gift card, $25 Murata gift card, $25 Massy Books gift card, $20 The Postcard Place gift card – Winner: Aaron Oye, #2041

12th Prize – Supreme Foodie – $50 Fujiya gift card, $25 Haisai! Sweets & Treats gift card, six $10 Sunrise Market gift cards – Winner: Yoko Lin, #1098

13th Prize – Treat Yourself #1– $50 Fujiya gift card, $50 Hapa Izakaya gift card, $20 The Postcard Place gift card, $10 Tokyo Katsu-Sand gift card – Winner: Masami Hanashiro, #587

14th Prize – Arsenal Pulp Press Books #2 – The Walking Boy by Lydia Kwa, Chinatown Ghosts by Jim Wong-Chu, I Hope We Choose Love by Kai Cheng Thom, Escape to Gold Mountain by David H. T. Wong, The Tiger Flu by Larissa Lai, For Laika by Kai Cheng Thom – Winner: Linda Ham, #882

15th Prize – Anvil Press Books and Magazines – Bad Endings by Carleigh Baker, Mysterious Dreams of the Dead by Terry Watada, The Three Pleasures by Terry Watada, Vancouver Confidential by John Belshaw, Membership and one-year subscription to The Bulletin magazine Winner: Masami Hanashiro, #636

16th Prize – Treat Yourself #2 – $50 Out & About gift card, $25 Murata gift card, $25 Massy Books gift card, $20 The Postcard Place gift card – Winner: Gaven Montesano, #2896

17th, 18th Prizes – Shop and Dine – $50 Hapa Izakaya gift card, $25 Murata gift card, $20 The Postcard Place gift card, $10 Tokyo-Katsu Sand gift card – Winner: Simon Bruins, #293; Tanya Petreman, #152

19th, 20th Prizes – Deluxe Foodie – $50 Hapa Izakaya gift card, $20 Mr. Japanese Curry gift card, two $10 Sunrise Market gift cards, $10 Tokyo Katsu-Sand gift card – Winner: Lisa Mah, #1465; Rika Uto, #482

If you did not collect your prize at the festival, we will contact you.

Before purchasing tickets, please ensure that: 

✓ This transaction takes place within British Columbia. 
✓ You are 19 years of age and older.
These conditions must be met according to BC Licensed Charitable Gaming. 

Before purchasing tickets, please ensure that: 

✓ This transaction takes place within British Columbia. 
✓ You are 19 years of age and older.
These conditions must be met according to BC Licensed Charitable Gaming. 

After purchasing, you will receive the lottery ticket numbers through email (within 3 working days), as well as the physical ticket stubs by mail (within 1 week). Kindly safekeep these items until August 8th. Please also ensure your address is filled in correctly

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*Early-bird (July 30) and final draws (July 31) will be held at Oppenheimer Park at 400 Powell Street, Vancouver. 

Attendance is not required. Winners will be contacted. Winners consent to the release of their names by the licensee. Winners are responsible for the cost of prize delivery and/or pick-up. Chances are 1 in 230 to win a prize. Total value of prizes: $3,823.10 

BC Gaming Event License #133029 / Licensee: Powell Street Festival Society 

Know your limit, play within it.

Problem Gambling Help Line: 1.888.795.6111 www.bcresponsiblegambling.ca