paueru gaizette No. 4

paueru gaizette no. 4 Read this edition After a brief hiatus, the paueru gaizette zine is back with another issue, “sounds like home”.  What sounds like home to you? “For myself, having grown up around a big extended family, I think about people gathering in the kitchen at my grandparents’ house. Working together to cook … Read more

paueru gaizette No. 3

paueru gaizette no. 3 Read this edition Check out the third edition of the paueru gaizette, created by members of our Advocacy and Outreach Committee! This edition’s theme is “generations,” and includes reflections on “…our hope, our responsibility, and our continuum between the old and the new.” Inside, you will find poems connecting us to our ancestors, … Read more

paueru gaizette No. 2

paueru gaizette no. 2 Read this edition The second issue of Powell Street Festival Society’s Advocacy and Outreach Committee’s paueru gaizette is here! This issue’s theme is: what do we harvest? Members of our Advocacy and Outreach Committee wanted to engage with what the change into fall and winter means to different members of our community. … Read more

Introducing paueru gaizette No. 1

front page of the inaugural issue of the Paueru Gaizette

Created by members of Powell Street Festival Society’s Advocacy and Outreach Committee, the paueru gaizette is a new zine and a place to explore “thoughts, concerns, feelings, questions and whatever else—about the place of the Japanese Canadian community in the Downtown Eastside, about the overlaps between and elisions within our two communities […] about all … Read more