Introducing paueru gaizette No. 1

front page of the inaugural issue of the Paueru Gaizette

Created by members of Powell Street Festival Society’s Advocacy and Outreach Committee, the paueru gaizette is a new zine and a place to explore “thoughts, concerns, feelings, questions and whatever else—about the place of the Japanese Canadian community in the Downtown Eastside, about the overlaps between and elisions within our two communities […] about all the things that connect us and seem to mark our difference at the same time…” and more.

This inaugural issue features 16 pages of writings, illustrations, poetry, a word search, photographs, and reflections prompted by the thematic question of how did we get here? While some print copies were available at the 46th Annual Powell Street Festival, this first issue is now available to download or read online. We hope you enjoy, and that you will share your own reflections in future issues.

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