paueru gaizette no. 4

Paueru Gaizette 005 Begin again cover image

After a brief hiatus, the paueru gaizette zine is back with another issue, “sounds like home”. 

What sounds like home to you?

“For myself, having grown up around a big extended family, I think about people gathering in the kitchen at my grandparents’ house. Working together to cook dinner, tell stories, set tables, gossip, argue, celebrate, laugh, cry… though oftentimes it goes unsaid, this is an expression of love”, writes Kyle Yakashiro, zine contributing member.

Thank you to the contributing community of writers, artists and creators of this zine (all volunteers!) for your work on this shared endeavour. As Kyle writes, “everyone maintains the same vision for the zine: a low-stakes space for JCs, PSF and DTES community member to express themselves without having to justify, give context, or undergo heavy editorial intervention.”

We hope you enjoy, and submit for the next publication! Stay tuned for details.

Designed by Tamiko Chase.

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