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Aretha Aoki crawling across stage with a child on her back.

Musing on the Making of IzumonookunI

IzumonookunI Blog Post Powell Street Festival Society is proud to be supporting the development of “IzumonookunI,” a multidisciplinary dance inspired by Izumo no Okuni, the 17th century cis-female founder of

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paueru gaizette No. 4

paueru gaizette no. 4 Read this edition After a brief hiatus, the paueru gaizette zine is back with another issue, “sounds like home”.  What sounds

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paueru gaizette No. 3

paueru gaizette no. 3 Read this edition Check out the third edition of the paueru gaizette, created by members of our Advocacy and Outreach Committee! This

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paueru gaizette No. 2

paueru gaizette no. 2 Read this edition The second issue of Powell Street Festival Society’s Advocacy and Outreach Committee’s paueru gaizette is here! This issue’s theme

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