Yume.Digital Dream Screening Yume.デジタルドリームの上映会

Yume.Digital Dreams is a digital project with 14 multi-generational, multidisciplinary Nikkei artists. Over the period of four months, these artist pairings created collaborative online offerings. Come view their final video projects in-person at the Firehall Arts Centre! The participating artists are: taiko/interdisciplinary artist, Linda Hoffman (Vancouver); poet and visual artist, Baco Ohama (Calgary); performer and … Read more

Yume.Digital Dream Gathering Yume.デジタルドリーム の集まり

Join Julie Tamiko Manning and Matt Miwa, co-artistic Producers of Tashme Productions, for this gathering of Yume.Digital Dream artists. Mingle and connect with both visiting and Vancouver based artists involved with Yume.Digital Dream in this casual courtyard setting! タシュメ・プロダクションズの共同アーティスティック・プロデューサーであるジュリー・タミコ・マニングとマット・ミワと共に、このYume.DigitalDreamのアーティストの集まりに参加してください。 このカジュアルな中庭という設定で、Yume.Digital Dreamに関わるバンクーバーを訪れているアーティストとバンクーバーを拠点とするアーティストの両方と交流し、つながりましょう!

UBC Koryu Bujutsu UBC古流武術クラブ (竹内流備中伝翔風館道場)

UBC Koryu Bujutsu is an organization dedicated to the practice, preservation, and promotion of the classical martial arts of Japan. For more information, please reference www.shofukan.ca.   UBC古流武術クラブは日本の伝統的な武術の実践、保持、推進に努める団体です。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください:www.shofukan.ca 

360 Riot Walk 360 ライオット・ウォーク

Registration Required through Eventbrite 360 Riot Walk is an interactive walking tour that utilizes 360 video technology to tell the story of the 1907 Anti-Asian Riots in Vancouver. It traces the history and route of the mob that attacked the Chinese Canadian and Japanese Canadian communities following the demonstration and parade organized by the Asiatic … Read more

Tanko Bushi 炭坑節

Photo of people doing the tanko bushi, by Tamio Wakayam

A staple of any Matsuri! This is your chance to dance to the famous Tanko Bushi, the coal miners’ song. The steps are simple, so everyone can take part, even those with two left feet! 祭りの定番!かつて炭坑労働者によって歌われた「炭坑節」に合わせて踊りましょう。ステップは簡単。不器用な人でも踊れます!

Sumo Tournament 相撲トーナメント

With mentorship from the Vancouver Sumo Fun Club, PSF hosts a Sumo Tournament for festival visitors. Do you have what it takes to be the Yokozuna (Grand Champion)? Festival visitors – men and women alike – are encouraged to take part in this exciting competition. To win, you must force your opponent out of the … Read more

Nihongo Kо̄minkan にほんご公民館

Nihongo Kо̄minkan is a little place to take a rest and talk in Japanese. Please do not expect anything special or important discussion there. Tea will be served for free. It is a space you can drop by just briefly, and it is open for a short period of time during the Powell Street Festival. … Read more

Meet and Greet the Daruma ダルマと写真を撮ろう!

Daruma, the traditional Japanese “wishing doll,” greets festival goers throughout the weekend. Post your photos @powellstfest #powellstfest. Costume design by Diane Park.   フェスティバル開催中、ダルマが来場者の皆様に挨拶にまわります。ダルマと写真を撮り@powellstfest handle? #powellstfestにポストしてください。コスチュームデザイン:ダイアン・パーク。 

Asahi Pitch Game 朝日ピッチゲーム

Batter up! Can you strike out an Asahi baseball star? Pitch balls past the batter’s swing to win an assortment of prizes. All ages. $2 for three balls, $3 for six balls.  「打席につけ!」朝日軍の元野球選手を三振させられますか?空振りをとったピッチャーには、様々な賞品を用意しています。対象:子供からお年寄りまで。3球2ドル、6球3ドル。  A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Shin Asahi baseball team’s Asahi Japan Tour! 

Vancouver Japanese Gardeners’ Association バンクーバー日系ガーデナーズ協会

The Yoyo Balloon Game is hosted by the Vancouver Japanese Gardeners’ Association, a non-profit organization which is more than 50 years old. VJGA also features Japanese character masks and kendama.   非営利団体バンクーバー日系ガーデナーズ協会は、今年で51周年を迎えます。フェスティバルでは、ヨーヨーゲームを主催する他、キャラクターお面、けん玉も用意しております。 


Supported by “Made in BC Dance on Tour” through the Vancouver Foundation Digital Projects Fund, Ida has produced this solo dance piece, “Homecoming 2020”, that is a love letter to his mother, an exploration of belonging and a manifestation of the nature of cycle. Hiromoto studied drama and performance in Tokyo and has been a … Read more

Za Daikon 座・だいこん

Join Za Daikon for a theatre performance in Japanese with English subtitles. Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived an elderly woman. Her husband had recently passed away, and she was very lonely. She worshipped his memorial tablet every day. One day, a traveling monk came to her seeking a place to … Read more

Koku & Poet Kokuアンドポエット

We perform experimental Japanese ambient music and poems in a magical space which have been performed at the Powell Festival many times.  Koku is a musician who performs both in Canada and abroad. He creates a mysterious space using a variety of instruments such as hand pans, didgeridoos, and synths.  Sora is a poet based … Read more

Shion & Kisyuu 詩音と姫洲

Dance artist Shion Skye Carter and Japanese calligraphy artist Kisyuu collaborate to adapt traditional and contemporary art forms, while celebrating their shared Japanese heritage. Their short film Flow Tide has been featured in events including Powell Street Festival (Vancouver), Moving Images Video Dance Festival (Cyprus), and the VanLive! LED screen at Granville and Robson Street … Read more

The Tasai Collective 多彩コレクティブ

This year’s Beyond Bon Dance is a return to the Bon Festival’s roots. We will be honouring and dancing with the spirits of our ancestors. Photos of participant’s loved ones who have passed on will be presented on screen as part of the performance. If you are planning to attend our Beyond Bon Dance performance, … Read more

Asahi Memorial Service 朝日追悼式

The Vancouver Asahi was a Japanese Canadian baseball club in Vancouver. They were one of the most dominant amateur teams in the city. The team played out of the Powell Street Grounds (officially Oppenheimer Park) until the war broke out between Japan and the Allied Forces in 1941. Its members were interned by the federal … Read more

AI Workshop – in collaboration with New Media Gallery

Registration Required through Eventbrite – visit venue for stand-by list  Explore the fundamentals of machine learning in this workshop that combines communicating with each other and with machines. Friends and family will work together to create an interactive art installation with communicative gestures, poses, and movements inspired by Yota Kobayashi’s Kūsou 空相 at Anvil Theatre. … Read more

Kūsou 空相 Panel

Join Giorgio Magnanensi, Artistic Director of Vancouver New Music and internationally renowned composer and conductor, in conversation with flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor (Vancouver), video artist Ryo Kanda (Tokyo), and soundscape artist and interactive system developer Yota Kobayashi (Vancouver) of the Kūsou 空相 artistic team as they share insight behind the scenes of this innovative installation. … Read more

CANCELED – Vancouver Save Article 9 バンクーバー九条の会

Lecture date & times: Saturday & Sunday, July 30th, 2:00-4:00 PM The title of this 2022 display is “Climate and Nuclear Power Plants”, a lecture with slides led by Eiichiro Ochiai. Eiichiro Ochiai is a retired chemistry professor and has been working on radiation issues since Fukushima NPP accident in 2011. The Article 9 display … Read more

Astrolabe Musik Theatre アストロラーベ ムジーク シアター

The Time for Giving – Music of Leslie Uyeda celebrates the extraordinary music of Japanese-Canadian Leslie Uyeda—one of Canada’s most skilled composers of music for the voice— with the witty words of Governor General Award-winner Lorna Crozier, and the powerful poetry of beloved Japanese-Canadian poet Joy Kogawa, CM, OBC. A heartfelt tribute, The Time for … Read more