Noor Dance Company · ヌーア・ダンス・カンパニー

Noor Dance Company was founded by Maki and Negma, two of Vancouver’s top belly dancers. They have been enthralling audiences around the world and are thrilled to be back dancing with their students at the Powell Street Festival. Maki has performed and taught in North America, Southeast Asia, and Japan. She is known for her … Read more

Omikoshi by Vancouver Rakuichi · バンクーバー楽一によるお神輿

The omikoshi, or portable shrine, is an essential element of festivals all over Japan. The carriers, who are believed to be possessed by a divine spirit, rock the omikoshi vigorously; the more frenzied their efforts, the more good fortune is said to pass onto everyone. お神輿は、日本中のあらゆるお祭りで欠かせない存在です。神霊が宿ると信じられた人が神輿を担ぎ激しく揺さぶることで、人々に幸運がもたらされると考えられています。参加希望の方は、ジャクソン・ストリートのアレクサンダーより南にあるブースで申込をしてください。 Where you can find them: Link Facebook

Onibana Taiko · 鬼束太鼓

Formed in 2016, Onibana Taiko are three veterans of Vancouver’s Taiko community whose performance presentations draw from Japanese folk rituals such as minyo and matsuri all with a touch of punk aesthetics. Through performance, Onibana allows audience members to commune with our ancestors via obon dance, song, sensu (fan) cheerleading, fue, shamisen and kick-ass taiko. … Read more

Otowa Ryu Japanese Dance Group · 音羽流日本舞踊会

Otowa Ryu Japanese Dance Group has introduced Japanese traditional dances and folk dances at many festivals and events across Canada since the group was formed in 1971. The group consists of all ages, from Issei (1st generation) to Gosei (5th generation). 音羽流日本舞踊会は、1971年の結成以来、カナダ全国の多くのお祭りやイベントで日本の伝統的な舞踊や民謡踊りなどを広く紹介してきました。グループは1世から5世まで、幅広い年代のメンバーで構成されています。

Sansho Daiko · 山椒太鼓

Drawing on both contemporary and traditional repertoire, Sansho Daiko brings a fresh approach to an ancient art form, creating a visual and aural experience that crosses ethnic and cultural boundaries. Group members bring with them years of experience gained in other taiko groups and share a love of experimentation and exploration. Like the plant it … Read more

Sawagi Taiko · さわぎ太鼓

Formed in 1990, Sawagi Taiko is the first all Asian women’s taiko group in Canada. They are a multi-generational group of women of East Asian and Indigenous heritage, brought together by our shared passion for Japanese drumming. “Sawagi” means to “cause a commotion” in Japanese. With thunderous drum beats, stirring vocals, & martial-arts inspired choreography, … Read more

Shohei Juku Aikido Canada · 祥平塾合気道カナダ

Aikido is a holistic practice combining physical techniques with mental discipline. Using powerful circular movements, aikido techniques embody the principle of non-resistance, wherein the defender moves in complete harmony with the attacker, bringing the conflict to a peaceful conclusion for both. Shohei Juku Aikido Canada was established to promote the art of Aikido as practiced … Read more

Shorinji Kempo · 少林寺拳法

Shorinij Kempo are practitioners of shorinij kempo, a martial art that provides the benefits of self-defense, physical health, and spiritual development. Their common goal is to improve society by improving the lives of its members. 少林寺拳法は「護身練鍛」、「健康増進」、「精神修養」の三徳を兼ね備えた武道です。社会の構成員の生活を向上することが、少林寺拳法の目的とされます。 Where you can find them: Link Facebook

The Sakura Singers · さくらシンガーズ

The Sakura Singers was formed 45 years ago, directed by Mrs. Ruth Suzuki, and was inaugurated into a Society in 2006. They promote the enjoyment of Japanese songs and better understanding and appreciation by all Canadians pertaining to Japanese Canadian culture. They invite anyone who loves to sing Japanese songs to join them. さくらシンガーズはRuth Suzuki指揮のもと45年前創設され、2006年にブリティッシュ・コロンビア州の非営利団体として登録されました。日本の歌を広く広めたり、日系カナダ人の文化への理解を深めるための活動をしています。日本の歌がお好きな方はぜひご参加ください。さくらシンガーズは、2年に一度コンサートを開催しています。 … Read more

UBC Classical Bujutsu · UBC古武道柔術

We are an organization dedicated to the practice, preservation, and promotion of the classical martial arts of Japan. For more information on us, please reference UBC古流柔術クラブは日本の戦国時代または江戸時代に武士によって作られた格闘技の振古、研究をしている団体です。このクラブの指導者は皆、日本で古武道を習い免許を取得しました。 Where you can find them: Link

Vancouver Iaido Club · バンクーバー英信流居合道クラブ

Iaido is a traditional Samurai martial art using Japanese swords. The Vancouver Eishin-Ryu Iaido Club practices the classical form of iaido, known as Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu. This martial art dates back over 450 years and is unbroken in its transmission through the ages. They will demonstrate traditional forms of sword combat. 居合道は、約450年前に発祥し、時を経て現代まで変わらず伝わる剣技です。バンクーバー英信流居合道クラブは、無双直伝英信流という古来の居合道の流派に属します。パウエル祭では、伝統的な剣戦の型を披露します。 Where you can … Read more

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko · バンクーバー沖縄太鼓

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko has been performing at numerous cultural festivals, charity functions, and anniversary events in North America for over a decade. The group’s aim is to share Okinawan style drum-dancing and to promote Okinawan culture. Their membership is made up of several generations to reflect this grassroots folk art. バンクーバー沖縄太鼓は、過去10年以上にわたって、北米の様々なフェスティバルや、チャリティー・イベント、記念行事で演奏してきました。グループの目的は、沖縄の太鼓舞踊と沖縄文化を紹介することです。草の根の民族文化を反映し、世代をまたがったメンバーで構成されています。 Where you can … Read more

West Side Warriors · ウェスト・サイド・ウォリアーズ

Toby Mukai (Tobes) is 50% Japanese, 50% English and 100% Vancouverite. He is an aspiring composer, musician, and rapper. Back in March 2008 he suffered a workplace accident (fell three stories of a building) that caused him to go into a recovery program. Despite the odd’s in November 2017, he received a Diploma of Continuing … Read more

Yoshinkan Aikido of British Columbia Association · 養神館合気道B.C. 協会

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art based upon the principle of harmony through connection, balance, and timing. It is an extremely powerful form of self-defense that is also gentle and non-aggressive: carefully controlling an attacker using the attacker’s own energy. Strength is not emphasized because the use of physical strength is unnecessary. Shioda Aikido … Read more

Za Daikon · 座・だいこん

A Vancouver-based amateur Japanese theatrical group formed in 1994. They perform Japanese comedies, folktales, and staged readings at various community events. In Japanese with English subtitles. 座・だいこんは、1994年に結成されたバンクーバーのアマチュア劇団です。これまで様々なコミュニティーイベントで、狂言や民話、舞台朗読などを披露してきました。日本語、英語スクリーン字幕付。 Where you can find them: Link

Caitlan and Chika · ケイトランとチカ

Caitlan & Chika is a West Coast folk project made up of fiddler Caitlan Read and guitarist Chika Buston. Grounding themselves in traditional fiddle music, they invent unusual, heartfelt melodies and weave them with a relaxed and soulful rhythmic sensibility. Caitlan and Chika’s greatest delight is in potentiating fun, celebration, and joy in their audiences! … Read more