Shohei Juku Akido

Saturday, 12:30pm –1:00PM, Japanese Hall    

Aikido is a holistic practice combining physical techniques with mental discipline. Using powerful circular movements, aikido techniques embody the principle of non-resistance, wherein the defender moves in complete harmony with the attacker, bringing the conflict to a peaceful conclusion for both. Shohei Juku Aikido Canada was established to promote the art of Aikido as practiced by Morito Suganuma Sensei (Aikikai 8th dan). Shohei Juku Canada represents the Canadian branch of Suganuma Sensei’s organization, which is based in Fukuoka, Japan. In addition to offering Aikido classes to all levels of interested students, their dojo hosts a yearly seminar with Suganuma Sensei in Vancouver.

This demonstration will include:
Warm-up exercises
Akido techniques


合気道は肉体的な技巧と精神的な規範を含めた、総合的な実践 です。合気道は抵抗の否定を理念とし、力強い円形の動きを利用 することで、襲撃者との「和合」を目指し、対立を平和的解決に導 くことを追求します。祥平塾合気道カナダは、菅沼守人先生(合 気会八段)の合気道を普及するために創立され、福岡に拠点の ある菅沼塾のカナダ支部となっています。合気道のクラスを提 供するほか、毎年菅沼先生のバンクーバー訪問に際してセミナ ーを開催しています。


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