360 Riot Walk · 360 ライオット・ウォーク

360 Riot Walk is an interactive walking tour of the 1907 Anti-Asian Riots in Vancouver that traces the history and route of the mob that attacked the Chinese Canadian and Japanese Canadian communities following the demonstration and parade organized by the Asiatic Exclusion League in Vancouver. Participants are brought into the social and political environment … Read more

Baton Twirling Team 楓 KAEDE

Baton Twirling Team 楓 KAEDE presents “Let’s get this Matsuri Started!” This year’s theme is Japanese festival “Matsuri”. This energic performance with skillful baton handling and cheerful dancing will liven up the atmosphere and take the audience into a world of Matsuri. バトンチーム楓による「お祭りを始めよう!」。今年のテーマは「祭り」です。このエネルギー溢れたバトンと活気あるダンスのパフォーマンスは 来場者をお祭りの世界へと導きます。

Dahaza · ダハザ

Dahaza performs new and traditional music for traditional Japanese musical instruments such as the shakuhachi, taiko, shinobue, shamisen, and koto. 尺八、太鼓、篠笛、三味線、琴などの和楽器を使って、伝統的な音楽と新しい音楽を織り交ぜて演奏します。 Where you can find them: Link Facebook Instagram

Kotojiro with CoSei · ことじろうとコセイ

A koto/guzheng & guitar/ukulele & piano trio with an eclectic repertoire of traditional, folk, latin, Celtic, new age and world music. (Originals and covers) They incorporate the koto (known as guzheng in China), a traditional Asian instrument, into contemporary music, as well as playing it alongside ubiquitous Western instruments, the guitar and the piano. Their … Read more

Landscapes of Injustice ランドスケープ・オブ・ジャスティス

Saturday, 4:30-5pm, Vancouver Japanese Language School, Room 416  Sunday, 5:30-6pm, Vancouver Japanese Language School, Room 416  The LOI Museum Exhibit cluster is currently in the content development stage of an exhibit that will travel to major museums and cultural centres across Canada. We will host a presentation and discussion on our exhibit design. We will incorporate schematics and invite feedback on designs, … Read more

Banana Bread · バナナ・ブレッド

Banana Bread is a Pop / R&B choral band comprised of 4 Vancouver residing Japanese multi-instruments with a touch of ukulele sound. The beautiful three-part harmonies blend like all the ingredients of banana bread mixed and baked to perfection. The leader of the band is a local professional guitarist Yuji Nakajima, and the lead singer … Read more

Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo · 武神館 Taka Seigi道場

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is a Japanese martial arts system composed of nine warrior schools of Samurai and Ninjutsu traditions with lineage dating back more than 1,000 years. Studied internationally by military and security organizations working in high-threat situations, grandmaster Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi’s Bujinkan system has received many elite awards including two from the Emperor of … Read more

Bushido · 節童

Bushido performs new and traditional music for traditional Japanese musical instruments such as the shakuhachi, taiko, shinobue, shamisen, and koto. 尺八、太鼓、篠笛、三味線、琴などの和楽器を使って、伝統的な音楽と現代的な音楽を演奏します。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PWQ2oI04XM&list=PLrZCXwSdzprD7x0pHLX9nSoi4PrMTY7wj&index=44 Where you can find them: Link Facebook Instagram

Chibi Taiko · ちび太鼓

The first youth Taiko Ensemble formed in Canada in 1993. The membership includes 15 youth ages 9 to 31 years old. Chibi has been recognized as one of the most talented youth performing groups in BC. They have performed for Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Vancouver Children’s Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Nikkei Matsuri and of course … Read more

Shito-Ryu Sato-ha Karate-Do Canada · 糸東流空手道カナダ

Japan Seiko-Kai Karate-Do Canada was established in 1970 and currently has over 1000 members nationally. We also have over 25 international branch clubs. They focus on teaching traditional methods of self-defense while promoting a balance between mind, body and spirit. Currently, they are increasing our focus on bullying-prevention activities, including collaboration with other martial arts … Read more


Founded in 1988 to provide a creative outlet for women performing with the confines of a then largely male-dominated cultural tradition, JODAIKO continues to bring together some of the top professional women taiko artists currently based throughout North America. Following the custom of returning for the hometown matsuri, Jodaiko members gather together each year for … Read more

Kisyuu · 姫洲

Kisyuu creates big pieces of calligraphy art during her live performance. She uses a variety of brushes which is up to 100cm long to create her art. Japanese calligraphy is known as a quiet, delicate art, but here she shows the possibility and new aspect of Japanese calligraphy which is dynamic and lively. 姫州はライブ・パフォーマンスで大きな書道の作品を作ります。使用する筆は最大100cmのものを含め、さまざまです。日本の書道は、静かで繊細な芸術として知られていますが、姫州は書道のダイナミックで生き生きとした新しい側面を披露します。 Where … Read more

Katari Taiko · 語り太鼓

Katari Taiko: Canada’s first Taiko ensemble. In its 41st year, this exhilarating, intergenerational and multi-cultural percussion collective continues to pursue “a way to summon music from thunder.” Rooted in the Japanese-Canadian experience, and inspired by the social struggles and liberation movements of North America, it bridges cultures through athletic, powerful, and graceful performance that is … Read more

Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu · 香取神道流剣術

Katori Shinto-Ryu Kenjutsu is a classical martial art focusing on sword fighting techniques. They train to fight with traditional samurai weapons, including long and short swords, fighting staff, spears, and naginata (halberd). Modern kendo and iaido were born from the older schools of kenjutsu, but their techniques are practiced in their unmodified forms and the … Read more

Kaya Kurz · カヤ・クルズ

Kaya & the Criers is a soulful group comprised of students and alumni of Capilano University’s Jazz Studies program. From pop tunes to reinterpretations of jazz standards, they got it all. カヤ&クリアズは、キャピラノ大学ジャズ学部の学生と卒業生からなるソウルフルなグループです。ポップスから、ジャズ・スタンダードの編曲まで様々な曲を演奏します。 Where you can find them: Link Facebook Instagram

Kayla Isomura · ケイラ・イソムラ

Kayla Isomura is a Vancouver-based photographer best known for her multimedia exhibition, The Suitcase Project (2018). With a background in journalism, her interest in storytelling through multimedia has been deeply influenced by her roots as a fourth generation Japanese and Chinese Canadian. Kayla’s work has appeared locally at the Nikkei National Museum, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese … Read more

Kohei Yoshino · コウヘイ・ヨシノ

Kohei Yoshino is a singer songwriter based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since he picked up an acoustic guitar at the age of 10, Kohei has actively performed in bands in countries such as Japan, Mexico, and Canada. Currently he spends most of his time writing his own music and entertaining locals and tourists on Granville … Read more

Kokoro with Jay Hirabayashi · ココロ with ジェイ・ヒラバヤシ

Kokoro Dance was formed in 1986 by Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi and has since performed more than 1,000 times across Canada, the U.S., in Europe, Mexico, and South America. Kokoro Dance has created more than 190 dance works based on its own blend of contemporary dance and butoh. ココロダンスは1986年にバーバラ・ブールジェとジェイ・ヒラバヤシによって設立され、以来ヨーロッパ、メキシコ、南米のカナダ全土で1,000回以上公演してきました。ココロダンスは、現代ダンスと舞踏を融合させた190以上のダンス作品を制作しています。 Where you can find them: … Read more