Chihiro Honma · チヒロ・ホンマ

A classically trained pianist performs Japanese pop and anime songs. Chihiro is a Vancouver-based piano teacher who often arranges pop songs for her students so that they can play their favourite songs. Chihiro recently started arranging music in other genres including instrumental Fusion-jazz. クラシックのピアニストが日本のポップやアニメの曲を演奏します。チヒロはバンクーバーを拠点とするピアノ教師で、生徒が好きな曲を演奏できるように、ポップソングをアレンジします。最近では、フュージョンジャズなど、他のジャンルの音楽のアレンジも行っています。

GO Taiko and Taiko 55 · GO太鼓と太鼓55

GO Taiko are a new taiko group that began with students from Admiral Seymour and Waverley Elementary Schools. Their roots are from East Vancouver and Richmond. They try to bring a fresh energetic approach to their drumming. Taiko 55 are a group of seniors who love taiko drumming. They are based in Richmond and are … Read more

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre · 日系文化センター・博物館

The Nikkei National Museum has digitized 56 historical home movies from its moving image collection. These short clips portray the personal and public lives of Japanese Canadians from the 1920s to the 1970s on the west coast, throughout Canada, and abroad. This presentation provides a unique perspective on Canadian history highlighting generations of the Japanese Canadian community and their resilience in … Read more

The Mending Circle- with Carolyn Nakagawa and Laura Fukumoto · ザ・メンディングサークル - キャロリン・ナカガワとローラ・フクモト

Carolyn Nakagawa and Laura Fukumoto host an intimate evening in the home of Muriel Kitagawa in 1940’s Vancouver to knit socks for Canadian soldiers overseas. Conversations weave through the complications of an enduring history, and the frustrations of maintaining connection across time and displacement. Carolyn Nakagawa is a poet, playwright, and cultural organizer whose practice … Read more

The Deep Cove · ザ・ ディープコーブ

The Deep Cove is excited to premiere their music video for “Pills” at Powell Street Festival! This dream-like video is animated by beloved Tokyo-based artist, Ryo Inoue, known for his animated series on NHK, “Bijutune!.” The Deep Cove is an art-pop band led by multi-disciplinary artist, Leanne Dunic. “Pills” is the first song off their … Read more

McGregor-Verdejo Duo · マックグレガー・ヴェルデホ デュオ

The McGregor-Verdejo Duo was formed in 2016 by flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor and guitarist Adrian Verdejo. The Duo’s dedication to fostering new music has resulted in the premieres of many new works by Canadian and international composers. The McGregor-Verdejo Duo’s 2020 activities include their first residency at the Centro Mexicano para la Música y las … Read more

Kisyuu & Shion: Calligraphy & Dance · 姫州&詩音:書道&ダンス

Kisyuu’s brush movement and Shion’s body movement will correspond to each other and synchronize to create the art piece together. A close-up of Kisyuu’s brush movement will be captured and projected on the screen while Shion is dancing with the projected calligraphy art as a background. Later Kisyuu will move on to the bigger canvas … Read more

Jeff Chiba Stearns · ジェフ・チバ・スターンズ

Jeff Chiba Stearns is an Emmy® nominated animation and documentary filmmaker. He is also an accomplished author and illustrator. Born in Kelowna, BC of Japanese and European ancestry, Jeff’s work often focuses on themes of multi-ethnic identity. His feature length documentary, One Big Hapa Family (2010) became the quintessential film on mixed Japanese Canadian identity.   Jeff … Read more

Taka Sudo and Yukiko Adachi · タカ・スドウとユキコ・アダチ

Born and raised in Tokyo, Taka Sudo now residing in BC, Canada. Taking influence from both Japan and Canada, he creates unique artwork using scattered abstract elements composed of neon colors, newsprint, and photo collage. These abstractions represent our environment, existence, daily life, current affairs, information, and each person’s passion and energy. Yukiko is an … Read more

Kimiko Dorey · ドレイ・キミコ

Kristin Kimiko Dorey is a hapa vocalist hailing from Surrey, BC. Growing up, Kristin attended Japanese Language School, and at the same time, began studying voice. As a teen both areas of study were abandoned; however, Kristin is on a journey to reclaim her Japanese heritage and her voice. She is proudly Sansei, a social … Read more


Where you can find them: Facebook Twitter Instagram

Astrolabe Musik Theatre · アストロラーベミュージックシアター

Astrolabe Musik Theatre creates compelling, multi-disciplinary works, frequently performed in site-specific/alternative venues, by pushing traditional boundaries of classical vocal music. Particularly passionate about Canadian creators and performers, Astrolabe is dedicated to creating, commissioning, and performing works by Canadian artists. By imaginatively reinterpreting established repertoire and creating original work, we create cultural connections, reach out to … Read more

Kiyoshi and Soramaru · キヨシとソラマル

A collaboration of a poet and musician. Together, they will deliver a new world while working in their own field. 詩人と音楽家のコラボレーショングループです。それぞれお互いのフィールドで活動しながらこのたび新たな世界をお届けします。 Where you can find them: Youtube Facebook Instagram

Duncan Ryuken Williams · ダンカン隆賢ウイリアムズ

Duncan Ryūken Williams is the Director of the USC Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture. Williams is the author of the LA Times bestseller American Sutra: A Story of Faith and Freedom in the Second World War (Harvard University Press, 2019) and The Other Side of Zen (Princeton University Press) and editor of … Read more

TASAI · 多彩

The Tasai Collective is a non-profit organization of creatives working toward the common good. Tasai (多彩) is a Japanese word that means “multifaceted.” They nurture cross-cultural friendship through artistic collaboration. 多彩コレクティブは、共通の目的を目指して活動するクリエイティブな非営利団体です。多彩とは「多面的」を意味します。彼らは芸術的なコラボレーションを通じて異文化間の友情を育みます。 Where you can find them: Link Facebook Twitter Instagram

360 Riot Walk · 360 ライオット・ウォーク

360 Riot Walk is an interactive walking tour of the 1907 Anti-Asian Riots in Vancouver that traces the history and route of the mob that attacked the Chinese Canadian and Japanese Canadian communities following the demonstration and parade organized by the Asiatic Exclusion League in Vancouver. Participants are brought into the social and political environment … Read more