Busenkai (Iwamaryu Aikido & Tamiyaryu Iaijutsu) · 武仙会(岩間流&田宮流居術)

Iwama Shinshin Aikido Busenkai is under the supervision of Kenny Sembokuya Sensei, Student of Hitohira Saito Sensei. He was appointed as an instructor for the Busenkai Tokyo Branch in 2010, as well as the head instructor for Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Busenkai also practices Tamiya-Ryu Iaijutsu. Canada Tamiya-Ryu Iaijutsu Genkei Branch is the first official branch in Canada and an extension of the Tokyo Genkei Honbu (Headquarters) dojo. The Tamiya-Ryu style of iaido is practiced around the world. Techniques are performed with large movements and great precision to embody and express nobility and beauty.


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