Street Vendor Collective (Carnegie Community Centre)

Community Booth Available for sale at the Festival   Crafts 工芸品 About (Saturday only, 土曜日のみ)  The Street Vendors Collective is a peer-managed, independent collective of vendors and peers from the Downtown Eastside community. Based out of the Carnegie Community Centre, the pilot project offers vending opportunities to low-income artists, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs with experience in the informal … Read more

Japanese Canadian Legacies Society

Community Booth About Japanese Canadian Legacies Society is a British Columbia-based society set up to oversee the implementation of the legacy initiatives. It was created under the umbrella of the National Association of Japanese Canadians from 2020-2022 in conjunction with Japanese Canadian communities and based on a March 30, 2022 $100 million six-fold framework of … Read more

Visioning the Public Space in Paueru Gai (Powell Street Festival Society)

Community Booth About (Saturday only, 土曜日のみ)  PSFS seeks to memorialize our history in the DTES without perpetuating the colonial act of silencing other narratives. During our online event, Paueru Gai Dialogues: Monumental Reckoning (December 2021), artist and landscape architect Kelty McKinnon talked about approaches to commemoration in Japan; for example, a colour to honour a … Read more

Enterprising Women Making Art

Community Booth Available for sale at the Festival   Jewelry ジュエリ About (Sunday only, 日曜日のみ)  EWMA was launched in 2003 as a development initiative of Atira Women’s Resource Society. It has focused on supporting women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to work together to develop an alternative form of business or employment that is grounded in their needs … Read more

Burnaby Art Gallery on a Bike

Community Booth About (Sunday only, 日曜日のみ)  This fun, interactive printmaking experience brings people, art, and communities together and encourages new ideas of what art-making can be! With a printing press and art space on our e-bike, our art instructor will help you create an art print that you can take home as a complimentary souvenir. この楽しくインタラクティブな版画制作体験は、人々、芸術、そしてコミュニティを結び、芸術制作の新たなアイデアが生まれるのを促してくれます!  … Read more

Exchange Inner City

Community Booth About Our focus as an organization is to foster the conditions for a more inclusive, vibrant and equitable economy in the DTES, and we do that through the lens of Community Economic Development. We’re just looking to set up an engagement booth to spread awareness of our organization & collect feedback from people … Read more

Smoke Signals スモークシグナル

Community Booth About They accept and redistribute donations: men’s clothing (aimed at clothing the Downtown Eastside = no suits), men’s shoes, canned and dried goods, blankets and sleeping Bags. They also have volunteers to help distribute bagged lunches and take out lunches.  男性用衣類(ダウンタウン・イーストサイド向け=スーツは不可)、男性用靴、缶詰、乾物、毛布、寝袋などの寄付を受け付け、再分配しています。また、バッグ入りランチやテイクアウトランチの配食を手伝うボランティアもいます。   【Saturday only, 土曜日のみ】 Find them here: Link Facebook

The Right to Remain

Community Booth About The Right to Remain is a research collective that supports tenant organizing for improved safety, habitability, affordability, and sustainability in Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). Inspired by the long and storied tradition of grassroots community organizing in the DTES, cross-community solidarity, and our own histories, we seek … Read more

The Lookout Housing and Health Society – The Powell Street Getaway

Community Booth About We serve 14 municipalities in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia: Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey, New Westminster, West Vancouver, North Vancouver (City and District), Burnaby, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission and Maple Ridge. Including emergency and extreme weather shelters, Lookout houses more than 1,400 people each night.  ブリティッシュコロンビア州のバンクーバー周辺の14の自治体、バンクーバー、ビクトリア、サリー、ニューウェストミンスター、ウエストバンクーバー、ノースバンクーバー(市と地区)、バーナビー、ラングレー、アボッツフォード、チリワック、ミッション、メイプルリッジにサービスを提供しています。緊急および異常気象の避難所を含めて、毎晩1,400人以上を収容しています。  【SUNDAY only, 日曜日のみ】 Find them here: … Read more

Nikoniko Home Care ニコニコホームケア

Community Booth About We provide seniors with culturally sensitive home support. Our heartwarming Japanese speaking staff brings your compassion and smile by cooking a healthy Japanese meal, exercising, companionship and brain exercises!   文化に配慮した在宅サポートを高齢者に提供します。心温まる日本語を話すスタッフが、健康的な日本料理を作ったり、運動したり、交流したり、脳トレをしたりして、思いやりと笑顔をお届けします。 Find them here: Link Facebook

JETAABC JETプログラム同窓会 

Community Booth About JETAABC is the British Columbia / Yukon chapter of JETAA-International, the alumni association for participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. All of our members have worked for at least one year in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher, Coordinator for International Relations, or Sports Exchange Advisor.   JETAABCは、JETAA-Internationalのブリティッシュコロンビア/ユーコン支部であり、日本交流教育プログラム参加者のための同窓会です。メンバーは全員、少なくとも1年間日本で語学アシスタント、国際交流員、スポーツ交流アドバイザーとして働いた経験があります。  【SATURDAY only, 土曜日のみ】  … Read more

Japanese Community Volunteers Association (Tonari Gumi) 隣組

Community Booth Available for sale at the Festival Cookbooks, Handmade goods, kimono, dishware, donated items 料理本、手作り工芸品、着物、食器、寄贈品 About Tonari Gumi is a non-profit charity that has served the needs of Japanese Canadian community since 1975. Our activities include social services for Japanese-speaking seniors, recreational programs and volunteer opportunities for various generations. 隣組は、1975年から日系カナダ人コミュニティーのニーズに応えてきた非営利チャリティー団体です。日本語を話す高齢者のための社会福祉、レクレーションプログラム、さまざまな年齢層のためのボランティア活動の機会を設けるなどの活動をしています。 Previous Next Find them here: … Read more

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre 日系文化センター・博物館

Community Booth Available for sale at the Festival Museum books, tshirts, hats 本、Tシャツ、帽子 About Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre’s mission is to honour, preserve, and share the history and heritage of Japanese Canadians and Japanese culture in Canada. 日系文化センター・博物館は、カナダでの日本文化の普及および日系カナダ人の歴史の保存と共有に務めています。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Twitter Youtube

Megaphone Magazine

Community Booth Available for sale at the Festival   Megaphone Magazine  メガホン・マガジン  About Megaphone is a non-profit organization that amplifies marginalized voices and creates meaningful work for people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Megaphone produces a high-quality monthly magazine and annual (Hope in Shadows) calendar that low-income vendors sell on the streets of Vancouver and Victoria to earn … Read more

Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association グレーター・バンクーバー日系カナダ市民協会

Community Booth About The Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association (GVJCCA) is a non-profit organization that builds communities, and advocates for social justice primarily for people in Canada of Japanese heritage, and their families. All proceeds go to support the work of our non-profit society and to publish The Bulletin Geppo monthly magazine.   グレーター・バンクーバー日系カナダ市民協会(GVJCCA)は、コミュニティづくりをする非営利組織で、主に日系カナダ人とその家族の社会的正義を提唱しています。すべての収益は、非営利団体の活動をサポートし、 The … Read more

Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association

Community Booth Festival Site Location: Interactive Zone in Oppenheimer Park For sale: Yo-yos, omens, kendamas ヨーヨー、お面、けん玉 About The Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association is an independent non-profit organization, established in 1959. The Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association は、1959年に設立された独立した非営利団体です。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Instagram