Southern Wave Okinawan Music and Dance Society サザンウェーブ 沖縄の唄と踊り愛好

Location: Street Stage (Jackson Ave & Alexander St)

They will perform Okinawan songs Shima Uta 島唄 (a contemporary song with the sanshin & the shima daiko), Tancha Mē谷茶前 (a folk song with dance), Yotsu Dake (with Ryuku buyō, Okinawan classical dance) and tiNshagu nu hana (a folk song). They will also demonstrate how to dance kachāsī, Okinawan folk dance, and ask the audience to dance together!

Southern Wave Okinawan Music and Dance Society was founded as a nonprofit organization in 2020 during the pandemic. The group’s aim is to share our passion and joy of playing the sanshin, which is an Okinawan three-stringed banjo, and Ryukyu buyo, which is Okinawan traditional dance, in the community to be a part of cultural diversity. They are also hoping to invite Okinawan artisans and performing artists in the future. 


サザンウェーブ 沖縄の唄と踊り愛好会は、パンデミックの時期2020年に非営利団体として設立されました。グループは、沖縄の三線バンジョーである三線と沖縄の伝統舞踊である琉球舞踊の情熱や喜びを共有し、コミュニティで多様な文化の一部になることを目指しています。 また、将来的には沖縄の職人やパフォーミング・アーティストを招待したいと考えています。  

Program Category

Music, Dance


Japanese, English