Japanese Canadian Youth Cohort

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2024 Japanese Canadian Youth Cohort


Support the Powell Street Festival Youth Cohort Program

Join us in supporting the Powell Street Festival Youth Cohort Program, which nurtures the vibrant spirit of Japanese Canadian youth and empowers them to become future leaders. This initiative offers opportunities for cultural exploration, leadership development, and community engagement. By contributing generously, you can help us continue to foster a sense of pride in Japanese Canadian heritage and provide resources for our youth to thrive. 

By donating to the Youth Cohort program, you can empower the next generation of Japanese Canadian leaders. Your support will help us provide education and personal growth opportunities through cultural training, Japanese Canadian cultural experiences, and hands-on experience in festival production. The goal is to empower young Japanese Canadians to connect with their roots, develop essential skills, and positively impact their community. 

Together, let’s celebrate our cultural heritage and invest in the next generation of leaders. Donate today and be a part of shaping a brighter future for Japanese Canadian youth!

The impact of the JC Youth Cohort extends well beyond the individuals who participate, strengthening the community at large. In order to continue offering this free capacity building opportunity for youth, we are asking our community to make a donation.

What is the Japanese Canadian (JC) Youth Cohort? 

The JC Youth Cohort is a free summer program for young Japanese Canadians, 19-29 years old, raised outside of Greater Vancouver. Do you have an interest in cultural heritage and community building through live events? This program will provide training and education in event production, culture, history, interpersonal communication skills development, networking with cultural event producers and artists, inter-generational relationship building and hands-on tasks to create an embodied experience of Japanese Canadian identity as vibrant and vital. Three applicants will be accepted each year.  


  • Build hands-on skills in live cultural events production 
  • Educational and personal growth through Cultural Workers Training  
  • Networking with Japanese Canadians across the country 
  • Tangible connection for people outside of the province to connect with Japanese Candian history and their furusato (hometown) 
  • Mentorship through engagement with elders and non-profit professionals 
  • Diverse volunteering experience with over 200 Festival volunteers 

Eligibility and Requirements 

  • We are accepting applicants from Japanese Canadians 19-29 years old, living outside a 100-mile radius from Oppenheimer Park, 400 Powell Street.
  • As a portion of the program will be remote and online, a stable internet connection and a device with a video camera and microphone are necessary.  
  • You must be available to travel for the in-person Production Residency, Sunday, July 28 to Wednesday, August 7, spanning the Powell Street Festival weekend (August 3 & 4, 2024). Proof of full vaccination and COVID-19 testing may be required before travel, depending on Coastal Health Orders. Travel, accommodations, and a per diem will be covered.  
  • Travel, accommodation, and per diem costs will be covered for intra-Canadian travel. International travelers must cover their costs to get to Canada. 
  • Manual labour will be required over the production week, which includes lifting heavy objects and standing and walking for long periods. Please let us know in your application if these are barriers to your participation.  
  • A Criminal Record Check will be needed as you will be working with vulnerable populations. 
Look out for applications in our December 2024 E-newsletter (pending a successful fundraising campaign)!

Program News

About Powell Street Festival Society 

Powell Street Festival Society’s (PSFS) mission is to celebrate Japanese Canadian art and culture to connect communities. The main activity is producing the Powell Street Festival (PSF), an annual celebration of Japanese Canadian arts, music and culture in Vancouver’s historic Japanese Canadian neighbourhood, Paueru Gai in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). With the support of over 250 volunteers, this two-day free event is the largest of its kind in Canada and the longest running festival in Metro Vancouver, entering its 48th year. PSFS is a non-profit professional arts presenter that is progressive, diverse, contemporary, and compelling.