General Queries 

Q: Can I pick up my food and merch orders? A: Yes! Food is only available for curbside pick-up on July 31 and August 1. Merch can either be shipped to you, or be ready for curbside pick-up on July 31 and August 1.   

For those of you local to the Lower Mainland, we recommend pre-ordering both food and merch and picking them up on the Festival weekend as you enjoy live Powell Street Festival activities in the neighbourhood! 

Q: Where is the curbside pick-up location? A: Curbside pick-up will be at our Festival Depot, open only on the Festival weekend: July 31 & August 1. Our volunteers and staff will be distributed all pre-ordered items here. The address is: Vancouver Buddhist Temple, 220 Jackson Avenue, between Cordova and Powell Streets.  

Q: What time is the Festival Depot open on July 31 & August 1? A: It will be open during these time slots: 

  • Slot A: Saturday, July 31 from 11:00 am – 1:00pm  
  • Slot B: Saturday, July 31 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm  
  • Slot C: Sunday, August 1 from 11:00am – 1:00pm   
  • Slot D: Sunday, August 1 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm  

Please select a time slot during checkout. Note: Powell Street Festival Society is mindful of Food Safe and Covid-19 safety protocols. Customers are responsible to arrive during their selected pick-up window. PSFS will not be held responsible for holding orders outside of the pick-up hours.  

Q: Can I buy food or merch items at the Festival Depot without pre-ordering? A: No, all items must be pre-ordered through this website. This ensures we are following pre-set covid protocols and to accommodate social distancing. 

Q: I would like to pay with Paypal. Is this available? A: Unfortunately, we are unable to support Paypal. In most cases, we are able to make other accommodations. Please email info(at)

Food Queries 

Q: Who is preparing the Festival food? A: All Festival food will be prepared by our long-term Festival partners: community food groups who have been selling at our food booths for years!  

  • Tonari Gumi Japanese Volunteers’ Association,
  • Vancouver Buddhist Temple, and 
  • Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall 

have mustered their resources to prepare downhome Japanese Canadian cuisine for all festival goers. Show your support by pre-ordering a few items! 

Q: What food items are available for pre-order? A:

Q: I am mindful of food safe practices. What should I know about your festival food? A: The manju, yakitori, okonomiyaki and a yakitori & okonomiyaki combo will be frozen upon pick-up – making them perfect for enjoying at home with friends and family! The beef curry bento and vegetable curry bento will be chilled upon pick-up, also great for enjoying at home! 

Q: What date should I make my food pre-order by? A: Food must be pre-ordered by July 24.  

Q: Can I buy food at the Festival Depot instead of pre-ordering online? A: Food will not be available for purchase at the Festival Depot. 

Q: I have food allergies/restrictions. Can you make accommodations? A: Unfortunately, our Community Food Groups are unable to accommodate food allergies/restrictions. Please also note that food items may contain or have come into contact with allergens such as wheat, eggs, dairy, etc. If you would like to inquire about ingredients, please do not hesitate to contact info(at) 

Q: I have made a food order. What should I bring to the Festival Depot? Please bring an electronic or printed copy of the receipt. 

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Merch Queries

Q: I have ordered both merch and food items, and wish to receive them at the same time. How will this work? A: Merchandise that have been purchased with pre-ordered food will be available for pick-up at the Festival Depot during the Festival Weekend. For those of you local to the Lower Mainland, we recommend pre-ordering both food and merch and picking them up on the Festival weekend as you enjoy live Powell Street Festival activities in the Paueru Gai neighbourhood!

Q: I have ordered both merch and food items, but wish to receive my merch in advance of the Festival weekend. How will this work? A: Please create a separate order for your merch.

Q: I have ordered only merch items, how will I receive them? A: Merch-only orders can be mailed to you, or, can be picked up at the Festival Depot during the Festival weekend (July 31 & August 1). Please select during checkout.

Q: I am unable to pick up my merch at the Festival Depot on the Festival weekend, and do not want my items mailed. Do you have any other options? A: Yes! If you prefer to pick your merch up at our office, or if you make your order after August 1, please email info(at) after your have made your online purchase. We will gladly accommodate office pick-ups.

Q: How much will shipping cost? Will it be included in the total cost? A: It will cost between $3~$6 per t-shirt, depending on your location and item for domestic orders. For international orders, cost will vary.

Q: Do you ship to anywhere in Canada? What about internationally? A: Yes, we ship to anywhere within Canada and to the U.S.

Q: How will my merch order be mailed to me, and how long will it take? A: We will mail merch via Standard Shipping with Canada Post. Arrival time of your order will depend on your shipping location. For domestic purchases, you can expect them to generally arrive within 5~7 business days.

Q: How long will Festival 2021 merch be available for purchase? Items will be for sale from now until there is no more stock.

Q: I am an Annual Top-Up member, and wish to use my 10% discount. Where can I enter the code? A: Please enter during checkout under ‘Coupon Code’.

If you are not yet an Annual Top-Up member, you can sign up here. Please not that you also need to be a Lifetime Membership to be an Annual Top-Up member.