360 Riot Walk

In April 8, 2021, the Powell Street Festival Society announced the Stewardship of 360 Riot Walk, created by artist Henry Tsang. 

360 Riot Walk is an interactive walking tour of the 1907 Anti-Asian Riots in Vancouver. It utilizes 360 video technology to trace the history and route of the mob that attacked the Chinese Canadian and Japanese Canadian communities following the demonstration and parade organized by the Asiatic Exclusion League in Vancouver. Participants are brought into the social and political environment of the time where racialized communities were targeted through legislated as well as physical acts of exclusion and violence. The soundtrack is available in four languages of the local residents of the period: English, Cantonese, Japanese and Punjabi.

360 Riot Walk invites participants to trace a layered history of Vancouver’s labour politics, anti-Asian racism, and community resistance in what is today the Downtown Eastside. This unique project interweaves the narratives of racialized communities, reclaiming how and what histories are told.  

Combining historical images with contemporary surroundings, participants are confronted with Vancouver’s ongoing legacy of racism. Through raising awareness and encouraging dialogue around these issues of social, legal, and ethical assumptions of rights, we ask ourselves, “How can we learn from our history and take action against injustice?

It is for this reason, that the Powell Street Festival Society sees this project as having the potential to build upon inter-community relationships, creating allyships with other racialized groups and shared community responsibility.  

Program News & Resources

360 Riot Walk

360 Riot Walk: Guided Tour 2024

360 Riot Walk: July, August, and September Guided Tours Buy Tickets | チケット発売中 Dates: Saturday, July 27 Sunday, July 28 Saturday, August 3 Sunday, August 4 Sunday, September 8 Time:

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360 Riot Walk: Student Activity Guide

In collaboration with Michael Perry-Whittingham, a district administrator for Richmond School District No. 38, Powell Street Festival Society has produced a teacher guide to accompany the 360 Riot Walk virtual

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Announcing the Stewardship of 360 Riot Walk

Announcing the Stewardship of 360 Riot Walk The Powell Street Festival Society is proud to announce its stewardship of 360 Riot Walk created by artist Henry Tsang. 360 Riot Walk is a multilingual interactive self-guided walking tour which invites participants to trace

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Past Events

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