July 3, 4 & 5, 2015
Friday & Saturday: 7pm / Sunday 2pm
The Dance Centre
677 Davie Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2G6



a woman in a window, some stars
and a man crossing the river…

Voyage through the memory and imagination of a woman gazing out her window waiting for a husband who may never come home in “Weaver Woman,” TomoeArts’ multidisciplinary dance-theatre performance based on the short story, Chingnyŏ by Korea’s groundbreaking feminist author, O Chŏnghŭi. Part of the Dancing on the Edge Festival, Weaver Woman features nihon buyoh inspired choreography, a rich musical blending of erhu, voice, cello, percussion, and spoken text, all set against a backdrop of elegant ink paintings.

More information on the TomoeArts Website: https://www.tomoearts.org/Performances/TomoePerformancesWeaver.htm

Presented in partnership with the Dancing on the Edge Festival: https://www.dancingontheedge.org/2015-performances/