Sun, 5 May 2019
1 – 4 pm
KW Production Studio
111 W Hastings St
Tickets $40

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Tatsuya Nakatani is returning to Vancouver to conduct an improvisation workshop for musicians. Nakatani will guide the participants through various exercises and strategies aimed at developing the musicians’ personal sound.

Participants will be introduced to a variety of Nakatani’s unique methods and skills for improvisation, and explore creative approaches to music and sound making. Nakatani will work with the group as individuals and as an ensemble.

Using careful listening in the context of the search for one’s individual sound, workshop participants will explore the use of extended technique; by going beyond conventional approaches to an instrument, the use of extended technique grows the range of sounds. Nakatani will discuss the practical reality of full time living as an independent artist.

If the instrument requires amplification, please prepare a practice size amp.
You must bring your own instrument. A compact set up is suggested.
No loops, programing. Must be able to respond in real time.

Please bring your ticket to the event and present it at the door either on paper or on your phone.


The KW Production Studio is in the basement of the Woodward’s Heritage Building. Enter through the Woodwards atrium, via the south or east entry ways adjacent to TD Bank. The entrance to the Production Studio is through a glass next to the Atrium Studio (click on link to see image). Washrooms are accessible and there is an option to enter the space via elevator.