Sun, Aug 21st from 2 to 4 pm


Fubuki Daiko (Winnipeg)
Vancouver Okinawa Taiko (Vancouver)
Tiffany Tamaribuchi (Sacramento)

For the first time, the Regional Taiko Gathering (RTG) will fill the historic Rio Theatre with thunderous and awesome sounds of the taiko. Audience members of all ages can expect an energetic, passionate, and lively performance from all three guest artists: Tiffany Tamaribuchi (Sacramento) and friends, Vancouver Okinawa Taiko and Fubuki Daiko (Winnipeg). Each offers a unique performance and distinctive drumming style. RTG 2016 is proud to present this showcase of Canadian and US Taiko.

From Winnipeg, the city of 100 languages, Fubuki Daiko reinvents traditional Japanese drumming through their eclectic and innovative performances that are 50% martial arts athleticism, 50% meditation, and 100% rhythm. For over 25 years, they have honed their skills which have allowed them to sell out festivals, concert halls, and schools across North America.

Founded in this city, our very own Vancouver Okinawa Taiko are “ambassadors” of Okinawan folk performing art. This style combines drumming and dancing with traditional as well as contemporary Okinawan music. The group is inclusive, from youth to members in their 50s. This dynamic community based group truly represents grassroots folk art.

Tiffany Tamaribuchi is an internationally recognized taiko master. In the traditional taiko realm of Japanese born and trained male performers, she creates a powerful new voice with her multicultural heritage and female perspective. In 2002, Tiffany won the OTA-I-KO Hibike Zenkoku Ippon-uchi (All-Japan Odaiko Competition) and was a finalist in the first Tokyo International Odaiko competition the same year. She continues to influence the lives of many through her workshops and performances.

“Tamaribuchi Sensei has a truly intelligent approach to Kata”- Stanford Taiko

“Her passion for Taiko was evident, and it brought out our passion”- Zenshin Daiko

About Vancouver Taiko Society

This concert is the final event of the Regional Taiko Gathering 2016, a gathering of Pacific Northwest and Western Canadian taiko players organized by the Vancouver Taiko Society, an umbrella organization for Vancouver taiko groups. Taiko at the Rio will be the grand finale to RTG 2016, a weekend of taiko workshops, performances and fun to inspire new and seasoned taiko players on the path of taiko life.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the City of Vancouver through the Community Arts Program and the Government of Canada through the Summer Jobs Program