Kotojiro with CoSei コトジロウとコセイ

Location: Diamond Stage (Oppenheimer Park)

~Traditional Music Infused with Today’s Culture~

A koto/guzheng & guitar/ukulele & piano trio with an eclectic repertoire of traditional, folk, latin, Celtic, new age, and world music (originals and covers). They incorporate the koto (known as guzheng in China), a traditional Asian instrument, into contemporary music, as well as playing it alongside ubiquitous Western instruments, the guitar, and the piano. Their music shows how traditions from different cultures can be adapted for modern styles, and be combined to perform together, as well as maintaining and continuing connections to the past.

Pico Masaki is a singer-songwriter and a koto/guzheng player. By playing these instruments, she seeks to express the beauty of Japanese culture full of zen and refinement. 

Seira Hayakashi has studied piano at the University of Victoria and holds a Bachelor of Music. She has played keyboard in a Rock Band “Cherry Cola” with Tal Backman (Victoria, B.C.), who is best known for his late 1999 hit, “She’s So High”. 

Yujiro Nakajima has been playing Brazilian music and jazz as a soloist and with groups at various venues and has been a regular performer at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. 




セイラ・ハヤバシはビクトリア大学でピアノを学び、音楽学士号を取得しました。1999年後半のヒット曲「She’s So High」で有名なタル・バックマン(BC州、ビクトリア)とロックバンド「チェリー・コーラ」でキーボードを担当しました。 


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Japanese, English