Katari Taiko 語り太鼓

Location: Diamond Stage (Oppenheimer Park)

Celebrating the tenacity of human spirit and earth’s cycle of destruction and renewal, Katari Taiko presents works inspired by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as some old favourite songs. Sen-No-Kaikyo by Japanese taiko master Eitetsu Hayashi speaks to the spirit of those responding on foot to aid victims of the Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. Rift by member Andrew Czink was inspired by the earth-changing flow of lava from the eruption of Kīlauea in 2018.

Katari Taiko: Canada’s first Taiko ensemble. In its 43rd year, this exhilarating drumming collective continues to pursue “a way to summon music from thunder.” Rooted in the Japanese-Canadian experience and inspired by the social struggles and liberation movements of North America, it bridges cultures through athletic, powerful performance that is both dance and music. Let the drums talk! 


語り太鼓:カナダで最初に結成された太鼓アンサンブルです。43年目を迎える人を陽気にさせるこの太鼓集団は、「雷から音楽を呼びだす方法」を追求し続けています。日系カナダ人の経験に根ざし、北米の社会的闘争と解放運動に刺激を受け、ダンスと音楽の両方からなる運動的でパワフルなパフォーマンスを通じて文化の橋渡しします。 ドラムに語らせましょう 

Program Category

Music, Taiko​


Japanese, English


Sudden Loud Noises