The Nikkei National Museum is presenting a rare opportunity to experience the permanent collections by partnering with Instant Coffee – a local artist collective.

The Instant Coffee Artist Collective takes an unexpected and innovative look at the gems from The Nikkei National Museum’s permanent collection with an interactive, ever-changing installation.  Magic Hour is the name of that time just after sunrise or just before sunset, and they are excited to tease out the magic in the archives.
January 17, 3 – 5pm
Live archive unwrapping, self DJ station (featuring albums from the Nikkei National Museum collection)
Magic Hour + Hapy Hour 4:44pm
January 31, 3 – 5pm
Holy Hum feat. Andrew Lee, followed by Slow Dance (bring your slow dance albums)
Magic Hour + Happy Hour 5:07pm
February 28, 3-6pm
Preserving Nikkei History with Nikkei National Museum’s  Collections Manager Scott Owens, 3pm
followed by live unwrapping Family Collections, 4-6pm
Magic Hour + Happy Hour 5:54pm
April 1, 7 – 9:30pm
Magic Hour closing + BLOOM fundraiser
Magic Hour + Happy Hour 7:44pm