Free Workshop

Gifting: Affirmations to Heal the Earth – Facilitated by Haruko Okano


Free drop-in opportunity for writing affirmations to heal the earth on The International Day for Water. Affirmations derive from your positive and life-affirming visions of a healthy earth in the future. Your affirmations, rolled up and slipped into fresh organic leaf holders, will subsequently be given out during Converse public events from April 11 – June 14 at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park. This event is faciliated by Haruko Okano.

Gifting is a way of paying forward your positive vision for the well-being of the planet. This workshop is part of a project, Meditation for the Planet, which invites all people worldwide to contribute affirmations for the earth. These affirmations can be written in any language, so long as the English translation accompanies it. Please limit the affirmation to fit on a sheet of paper 4″ x 2.5″ Send these by email or regular post and they will be printed on rice paper and inserted into envelopes made of organic fresh leaves (Please print clearly). These affirmations will be gifted to visitors to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park during Converse public events. Converse‘s grand opening is on April 11, with a walking tour from 1-3 PM.

Date: Tuesday, April 21, 1-4 pm – No registration necessary

Location: Britannia Library, 1661 Napier St in the Britannia Community Centre complex

If you can’t make the workshop, you can contribute via email at: healing4earthfru [at]

You can also contribute via mail. Deadline to receive mailed affirmations is April 15, 2015. Affirmations can be sent to: 

Attn: Land Meditation

305 – 1230 E 8th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5T 1V2



Performance: Haruko Okano, Gifting in Motion

Gifting in Motion is a public performance where Haruko, dressed in her Botanica dress, will travel on public transit from East Broadway and Clark Drive to the Dr. Sun Yat Sen park for each of the Converse public events. She invites those interested to accompany her while she passes out affirmations and wild recipes to passengers on these bus journeys.
Haruko will board the #22 Northbound MacDonald bus at the following times and dates. Please arrive a little early in case the bus is running ahead of schedule:

April 11 12:33 PM
May 2 12.20 PM
May 9 10:15 AM
May 17 12:21 PM
June 21 12:33 PM


For more information on this project, please visit Art Is Land Network’s website here.