Mask Making Workshop – Accessible Skills Building Using Materials in Your Home

in partnership with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Wednesday, May 20th, 2-3 PM, RSVP: Eventbrite 

Laura Fukumoto will be leading a free and interactive Zoom workshop making durable reusable face coverings from everyday items found around the home – no sewing skills required! 

Wearing a mask is a simple action that contributes to community care. As manufactured supply chains receive increased demand, making or purchasing a reusable fabric mask reduces landfill waste and ensures disposable masks remain available for front line workers.

In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss materials around your house that can be crafted into a durable reusable mask
  • Build skills and explore a few techniques to make a mask
  • Make a mask for yourself by the end of the workshop using materials in your home.
  • Share what we’ve made (if u want lol)

Materials that may be helpful or available in your home:FABRIC – Tshirt, old bed sheets/pillow cases, bandanas (ideally poly-cotton blends, breathable, tight weave fabric)

TOOLS – Sewing machine, iron, needle and thread, sharp scissors, fabric glue/glue gun, stapler, tape, safety pins, (not all tools necessary; we are exploring several ways to achieve the desired outcome)

OTHER MATERIALS – Wire for nose pinch (paper clips, twist ties); Ties for mask (ideally elastic/stretchy- Hair ties, old shoe laces, strip of t-shirt, old bathing suit bikini ties or cut into strips)