August 16, 1:00PM at The Cinematheque
$6 youth 18 and under/$9 adults

In partnership with the 39th Annual Powell Street Festival, Cinema Sunday brings back visionary anime director Mamoru Hosoda’s mind-bending cyberpunk adventure to drop jaws and pop eyes again! Winner of the 2010 Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year,Summer Wars is a cautionary tale from a nearly-there future where online avatars are the norm, existing and interacting within a globe-spanning web universe known as Oz. When Kenji, an awkward teenage mathlete, accidentally cracks a code that breaches Oz’s security, a nefarious A.I. takes control and threatens to annihilate both the real and virtual worlds. The hallucinatory, Takashi Murakami-esque Oz is pop-art brilliance. “A kick-ass synthesis of traditional hand-drawn scenes and fluid, rainbow-explosive CG artistry!” (Time Out).


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