Children's Sumo Workshop 2024

Join us for a morning of sumo training! These sessions’ aim to build confidence and safety around this popular Japanese sport in preparation for the Festival. Children ages 2-18, regardless of size, gender, or experience are welcome to participate. From 10-10:45 am will be ages 2-12 and 11-11:45am will be for ages 13-18. Activities will include warm-up exercises, practice matches, and a mini tournament. Sign up via the Ticket Tailor link above.

Date: Saturday, July 13
Time: 10 to 10:45 am (ages 2-12), 11 to 11:45am (ages 13-18)
Location: Vancouver Japanese Language School-Japanese Hall, 5F Tatami Room (487 Alexander St, Vancouver)
Ages: 2-18
Admission: Free
Activities: warm-up exercises, practice matches and a mini-tournament. No experience necessary. All bodies welcome.

What should I wear/bring?

Comfortable athletic clothing, tight shorts (or biker shorts) are recommended and a water bottle. Footwear and socks will be removed during the session.

If you have any questions, please contact miki (@)

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7月13日、土曜日、午前9時〜9時45分、午前10時〜10時45分、バンクーバー日本語学校並びに日系人会館 :畳ルーム