Participants Wanted!

Against the Current (the FishStix) Project for the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival!

Rehearsal Dates: Sunday, October 25 and Thursday November 5

Performance Date: Friday, November 6

Originally produced by Vancouver Taiko Society & Powell Street Festival Society, Against the Current will have a performance again at this year’s Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival! We’re adding more stories and music. We are currently reaching out to participants who made salmon props and/or participated in the 39th Annual Powell Street Festival performance. We are also recruiting 20 additional performers for additional prop-carrying at the performance.

To Participate:

Participants must be able to attend one rehearsal on Sunday, October 25 afternoon, a technical rehearsal on Thursday November 5 evening and the performance on Friday, November 6 evening. There will be an honorarium for participating performers.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Kay at or call 778-235-8935 (9am – 5pm). 

About The Against the Current Project:

A collaborative cross-cultural performance, Against the Current, is created by Chibi Taiko, Katari Taiko, Sansho Daiko, Sawagi Taiko and Vancouver Okinawa Taiko, with storytellers Rosemary Georgeson (Sahtu Dene/Coast Salish) and Grace Eiko Thomson, the Salish singing group Tzo’kam led by musician and composer Russell Wallace, narrative contributions by Hiromi Goto, John Endo Greenaway and Savannah Walling, and over 25 Downtown Eastside community performers with community-made papier-mâché salmon. Against the Current explores the role of salmon in Japanese and First Nation history, culture, fishing industry and the shared experience of swimming against the current.

The performance will feature colourful papier-maché salmon made by Downtown Eastside residents, students and visitors at the Oppenheimer Park Field House, Carnegie Community Centre and the Vancouver Japanese Language School.

ダウンタウン・イーストサイドHeart of the Cityフェスティバルでのメガ太鼓パフォーマンス「Against the Current (the FishStix)



バンクーバー太鼓ソサエティーとパウエル祭協会のコラボレーションによって公演された「Against the Current」が今年のダウンタウン・イーストサイドHeart of the City Festivalで再公演されます!パフォーマンスでは手作りの張りぼてサーモンと水の流れをイメージした小道具が利用されます。現在、11月の公演で小道具を一緒に運んで頂ける参加者を40名大募集中です!




Against the Currentプロジェクトについて:

Against the Currentはちび太鼓、語り太鼓、山椒太鼓、騒ぎ太鼓、バンクーバー沖縄太鼓、ストーリーテラーRosemary Georgeson、グレース・エイコ・トムソン、音楽家・作曲家のRussel Wallace率いるTzo’kamによる多文化コラボレーションのプロジェクトです。 Against the Currentプロジェクトでは日系カナダ人と先住民の歴史、文化、漁業とサーモンの関わりを音楽、ストーリー、小道具を通じて探求します。