Kyudo Association of Canada – Vancouver カナダ弓道連盟バンクーバー

Location: Vancouver Japanese Language School - Japanese Hall

KAC Vancouver will perform a five-person tai-hai accompanied by a narrator describing the performance for the audience. In this performance, each person shoots two arrows. They will also give a demonstration of the makiwara (close target), gomuyumi (practice bow), and sharei (ceremonial shooting) to show the audience other forms of practice.

KAC Vancouver is a local group which studies the art of Japanese Archery known as Kyudo. Kyudo strives to improve one’s self through the shooting. Kyudo is not limited to the act of shooting; it also encompasses all movement and postures in the dojo. KAC Vancouver is a member of the Kyudo Association of Canada, which is affiliated with the International Kyudo Federation based in Tokyo, Japan. 



Program Category

Martial Arts​