Branches & Knots Trading Co. Ltd.

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival Kimonos, hats, WBSJ rain boots, clothes 着物、帽子、日本野鳥の会レインブーツ、衣類   About We are a fashion trading company with a retail store and wholesale operation that specializes in well-crafted fashion and fun innovative accessories from Japan and Canada. Everything is carefully selected and many items are are good for us and the … Read more

Vilku Vilka Crafts

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival 【SUNDAY only, 日曜日のみ】  Handmade beeswax candles, handmade wooden spoons, spatulas 手作り蜜蝋キャンドル、手作り木製スプーン、へら About Vilku Vilka Crafts is a Vancouver-based Latvian liftestyle shop retailing original beeswax candles and handmade wooden spoons! Vilku Vilka Crafts は、バンクーバーを拠点とするラトビアのリフトスタイルのお店で、オリジナルの蜜蠟キャンドルと手作りの木のスプーンを販売しています。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Instagram

Siamurai Apparel

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival Samurai pants, dresses, skirts, kimonos, beanie hats, scarves, jackets, cotton jackets, vintage noragi 侍パンツ、ワンピース、スカート、着物、ニット帽、スカーフ、ジャケット、綿のジャケット、ビンテージの野良着 About Modern & Japanese inspired fusion apparel designer and vintage Japanese folk textile garments. We are a small family business that are passionate about designing modern streetstyle Japanese inspired apparel and as well as introducing traditional … Read more

Pac West Kimono

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival Yukatas, hair accessories, kimonos, jinbeis, pouches, card cases, glasses cases, socks, belts, hats, sandals, purses, keychains 浴衣、ヘアアクセサリー、着物、甚平、ポーチ、カードケース、眼鏡入れ、靴下、ベルト、帽子、サンダル、バッグ、キーホルダー About Pac West Kimono has been selling unique and beautiful Japanese merchandise in North America since 2001. Their mission is to combine traditional and modern Japanese pop culture through their products. We … Read more

Sasaki Art Gallery

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival Greeting cards, scarves, clothes グリーティングカード、スカーフ、衣類 About Terry Sasaki, owner and established Japanese-Canadian artist has been creating artworks as well as wearable fashion art with his own and unique style of mixing both eastern and western influences.From his own expressive style of paintings, mix media art pieces, unique fashion and … Read more

Mikari Décor Company

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival Fans, jewelry, kimono accessories, kimonos, obis, hats, patched bags うちわ、ジュエリー、着物のアクセサリー、着物、帯、帽子、継ぎ接ぎのバッグ About Mikari Décor Company has been making and selling original jewelry for over 20 years. They also create hand-painted fans, kimono fashion, and other accessories. Mikari Decor Company は、オリジナルのジュエリーを20年以上作り、販売し続けています。手書きのうちわ、ファッション用の着物、そのほかのアクセサリーも制作しています。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Instagram Twitter

Kiku Wellness

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival Essential essences, aroma oil warmers, healing goods, ninja flexor socks and arm bands, skincare, guasha, zori slippers エッセンシャルエッセンス、アロマオイルウォーマー、癒しグッズ、忍者靴下とアームバンド、スキンケア、かっさ、草履 About Kiku Wellness provides skilled, client-centered spa treatments through a Japanese holistic approach to enhance your body, mind, and spirit. Kiku Wellness は、日本の全体的なアプローチを通じて、お客様中心の優れたスパトリートメントを提供し、体、心、精神を高めます。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Instagram

Karet Design

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival Earrings, hair ties, necklaces, rings ピアス、ヘアゴム、ネックレス、指輪 About Karet Design creates one of a kind unique jewelry and hair accessories made from flowers and leaves found in British Columbia, antique watches, leather, and more. Karet Design は、唯一無二のジュエリーやヘアアクセサリーをブリティッシュコロンビア州で見つけた花や、葉、アンティークの時計や革などから作り出します。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Instagram

Blim ブリム

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival 【SATURDAY only, 土曜日のみ】  Handmade haori, cat hats, Japanese blind boxes, printed tees, vintage kimonos, earrings, necklace, fanny packs, masks, enamel pins 手作りの羽織、猫の帽子、日本のブラインドボックス、プリントTシャツ、ビンテージの着物、ピアス、ネックレス、ウェストポーチ、マスク、エナメルピン About Blim retail consists of unique cosmic apparel handmade and hand printed exclusively by Blim. Blim brand is made in our Blim studio and print shop. We also … Read more

Antler to Shimarisu

Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival Orizuru (origami crane) pendant, bronze rings, silver rings, wire earrings, gem stone earrings & necklaces, gem stone mask holders 折り鶴ネックレス、ブロンズの指輪、シルバーの指輪、ワイヤーのピアス、天然石のピアスとネックレス、天然石のマスクホルダー About Yui Nakahori studied at Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry in Tokyo, and LaSalle College in Vancouver. Yui uses mixed materials and style, including sterling K10 gold, 925 silver … Read more


Marketplace Booth Available at the Festival MACRAME bracelets, mask straps, necklaces (14kgf), various earrings: pearl, KIMPAKU flame, KIMPAKU hoops, studs, ribbon earrings マクラメブレスレット、マスクストラップ、14金ゴールドフィルドネックレス、パール、金箔フレーム、金箔フープ、スタッド、リボンピアスなど About agnit is composed of a group of three people who love making handmade jewelry. They use a fusion of beads and materials from both Canada and Japan. The jewelry is made and … Read more