Hitomi Mckenzie Porcelain Ceramics

Craft Booth Available at the Festival 【SUNDAY only, 日曜日のみ】 “Yunomi” tea cup, spiral chopstick rest, dishes and plates, bowls, cups, bud vase, mini milk jug, “Mamezara” small plate 「湯のみ」茶碗、渦巻き箸置き、皿、鉢、カップ、一輪挿し、ミニミルクジャグ、「まめざら」小皿 About My work is porcelain ceramics. The method I employ is first throwing, then dissecting and distorting the shapes, which for me is an innovative way of … Read more

Japanese Fabric Creations Shino

Craft Booth Festival Menu Zipper pouches, coasters, bookmarks, masks, drink holders, placemats, bags ジッパーポーチ、コースター、しおり、マスク、ドリンクホルダー、ランチョンマット、バッグ About Japanese Fabric Creations Shino specializes handmade objects made with high quality Japanese fabrics. Designs are by Shinobu Mizukoshi. Japanese Fabric Creations Shino は、高品質の和風の生地を使った、手作りの作品を専門としています。シノブ・ミズコシによる手作りオリジナルデザイン。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Instagram

Kazuko Cha

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Kimono jackets, kimono material, noren (curtains) 着物ジャケット、着物の生地、のれん About Offering authentic Kimono material and materials altered/tailored into tunics, vests, and light jackets intended for casual/everyday wear. 本格的な着物素材を、チュニック、ベスト、カジュアル/日常向けのライトジャケットにリメイクして販売しています。 Previous Next

ENTEY Greenworks エンテイグリーンワークス

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Variety of bonsais 様々な盆栽 About ENTEY Greenworks provides a variety of pots by local ceramic artists and various kinds of young trees, plants and moss. These individual plants are grown with extra care by Seiji the gardener. Your everyday living space will transform into something a little bit special. … Read more

Meditating Bunny Studio Inc.

Craft Booth Available at the Festival 【SATURDAY only, 土曜日のみ】  DVDs, magnets, books, graphic novels, art prints by Meditating Bunny Studio Inc. DVD、マグネット、本、漫画、Mediating Bunny Studio Inc. のアートプリント About Jeff Chiba Stearns is an Emmy® nominated animation and documentary filmmaker and acclaimed author and illustrator. Through his production company Meditating Bunny Studio Inc., he has published two children’s … Read more

Capture + キャプチャープラス

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Necklaces, earrings, keychains, bracelets, rings ネックレス、ピアス、キーホルダー、ブレスレット、指輪 About Capture+ makes specialized wire jewelry by hand, each unique and different! We make both women’s and men’s beautiful pieces. キャプチャープラスは、独特なワイヤー技術で作られた美しい手作りのジュエリーブランドです。女性用と男性用の両方があります。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Instagram

Minori Takagi

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Key chains, earrings, glass kagamimochi, necklaces, hashioki, tombodama キーホルダー、ピアス、ガラスの鏡餅、ネックレス、箸置き、トンボ玉 About Minori Takagi is a glass jewelry artist, based in Vancouver. She works over a torch to create Japanese traditional beads and contemporary glass jewelries. She also enjoys creating playful and eye-catching glass accessories. Minori Takagi は、バンクーバーを拠点とするガラスジュエリーのアーティストです。彼女は、トーチを使って日本の伝統的なビーズと現代的なガラスのジュエリーを作ります。また、遊び心があって目を引くガラスのアクセサリーを作るのも楽しんでいます。 Previous Next Find them … Read more

Mom’s Care Natural Handmade Soap

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, lip balms 石鹸、入浴剤、バスソルト、リップクリーム About I was born and raised in Japan.I have daughters and their eczema got worse after we moved to Vancouver, for dry conditions. That’s the reason why I’m making natural and organic soap with no chemicals that are good for dry … Read more


Craft Booth Available at the Festival Earrings, necklaces, pin cushions, bookmarks, hair pins ピアス、ネックレス、針刺し、しおり、ヘアピン About We are a partner duo that create unique pieces of jewelry and accessories using patterned paper from Japan called Chiyogami (千代紙) and paper-silk cords called Mizuhiki (水引).Mizuhiki is a traditional Japanese art form made from a special cord. Everything we … Read more

Beauty Secrets of Japan ビューティー・シークレット・オブ・ジャパン

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Handmade Japanese soaps & bath bombs, Japanese lip balm, Japanese oil, toner, handmade bath salts & soap dishes 手作りの日本石鹸と入浴剤、日本のリップクリーム、日本のオイル、トナー、手作りのバスソルト、石鹸 About My name is Mami. Beauty Secrets of Japan is a small soap making company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our natural handmade soaps, bath bombs and oils are made … Read more

Picchie Zakka

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Bags, kimonos for stuffed animals, baby one-pieces, eye pillows, cotton gauze masks. バッグ、ぬいぐるみ用の着物、赤ちゃん用ワンピース、アイピロー、コットンガーゼマスク About Picchie Zakka makes Japanese culture inspired fabric zakka (little things in your everyday life). We believe what is good for you can be good for the earth as well. We create these items to support … Read more


Craft Booth Available at the Festival Origami earrings, reclaimed leather earrings, ear jackets, second-hand kimono scrunchies 折り紙ピアス、再生利用されたレザーのピアス、イヤーカフ、古物の着物からできたシュシュ About Scandinazn promotes creative self-expression through crafting colourful statement jewelry, exploring our mixed heritage through design. Scandinazn は、カラフルなステートメントジュエリーを制作し、デザインを通じて織り交ざった伝統を探求し、創造的な自己表現を促進します。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Instagram

Beads Ya ビーズ屋

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Earrings and necklaces ピアスとネックレス About Sachiko Ito, the owner and designer of Beads Ya, handmakes each bead jewelry one by one. Her bead jewelries are one of a kind and are made with cute and retro images so that you can feel new yet somehow nostalgic. Please enjoy the … Read more

Sleepless Kao

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Greeting cards, plush dolls, prints, children’s books, tote bags, bookmarks, postcards, original design furoshikis グリーティングカード、人形、プリント、子供向けの本、トートバッグ、しおり、ポストカード、オリジナルのデザインの風呂敷 About Hi! I’m Sleepless Kao, I am an illustrator, children’s book author who work at late night. Please come to Powell Street Festival to see my passion for play, and my world of kawaii … Read more

Tien Neo Eamas

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Stacking rings (various metals), earrings, necklaces, bracelets, soap スタックリング(様々な金属)、ピアス、ネックレス、ブレスレット、石鹼 About Tien Neo Eamas is a Singapore-born transwizard, #OGAsianTransman, alchemist, silver and goldsmith since 1996. Offering kinda low-mid range and custom priced, hand fabricated magickal jewellery. Work includes zodiac, faerie, Asian pride collections; Macgickal symbols, stacking rings, gold, silver gem … Read more

WaQ’s Sushi

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Assorted sushi candles, siu mai and wonton candles, knitted food 各種の寿司キャンドル、シューマイとワンタンのキャンドル、食べ物の編み物 About Festival Favourite Sushi Candles returning to the Craft Market – “bento” with assorted ‘sushi’ candles, including wasabi and ginger; Siu Mai and WonTon candles; knitted Eggplant, Daikon and Persimmons; and other NON-edible treats. お祭りで人気のお寿司のキャンドルがクラフトマーケットに戻ってきました。様々な寿司キャンドルが入ったわさびとショウガ付きの弁当、シューマイとワンタンのキャンドル、なす、大根、柿の編み物、そのほか食べられないおやつがあります。 Previous Next

Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Yo-yos, omens, kendamas ヨーヨー、お面、けん玉 About The Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association is an independent non-profit organization, established in 1959. The Vancouver Japanese Gardeners Association は、1959年に設立された独立した非営利団体です。 Previous Next Find them here: Link Facebook Instagram

Art Cards by Valerie

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Paper folded cards, bookmarks, gift cards, framed art cards, chiyogami covered notebooks, pencils, coasters and sketchbooks 紙製のカード、しおり、ギフトカード、額入りアートカード、千代紙ノート、えんぴつ、コースター、スケッチブック About I use paper to make unique cards with a technique called iris folding. Each iris fold greeting card is handmade with love just outside of Vancouver, BC.   アイリスフォールディングと呼ばれるテクニックと使って紙でユニークなカードを作ります。それぞれのアイリスフォールディングで作られたグリーティングカードはBC州のバンクーバー郊外で愛を込めて手作りされています。 Previous Next … Read more

Cutie x Cutie

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Cotton tote bags, greeting cards 綿のトートバッグ、グリーティングカード About Cutie x Cutie sells signature Vancouver tote bags, kitten tote bags, and other cute products perfect for omiyage! All cutie stuff to make Vancouver a bit more of a cute place! #AdorablyCutie Cutie x Cutie ではバンクーバーの特製トートバッグやかわいい子猫バッグ、バンクーバーのおみやげにもぴったりな商品が売られています!バンクーバーをもう少しかわいい場所にするキューティーグッズが揃っています! #AdorablyCutie Previous Next Find them here: … Read more

Amrita Designs

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Coin cases, cosmetic pouches, bags, shawls, monkey socks, dresses コインケース、コスメポーチ、バッグ、ショール、モンキーソックス、ワンピース About Welcome to Amrita Designs! I make coin cases, pouches, handbags, shawls and dresses with cute funky cotton, linen and bamboo print fabric from all over the world, mostly from Japan. I hope my little pieces make your day … Read more

Thé Vert Jewellery

Craft Booth Available at the Festival Wood pendant necklaces with ribbon tie, fabric origami triangle necklaces, beaded bracelets, metal and wood earrings 木材のリボンネクタイネックレス、布製折り紙三角ネックレス、ビーズブレスレット、メタルと木材のピアス About Thé Vert Jewellery features necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from wood, fabric, glass and semi-precious stones with an organic natural feel. Simple clean lines and Japanese influence produce an elegant and … Read more