The Tasai Collective 多彩コレクティブ

Location: Vancouver Japanese Language School - Japanese Hall

This year’s Beyond Bon Dance is a return to the Bon Festival’s roots. We will be honouring and dancing with the spirits of our ancestors. Photos of participant’s loved ones who have passed on will be presented on screen as part of the performance. If you are planning to attend our Beyond Bon Dance performance, please visit this like:

Sora is a Vancouver-based Japanese poet, Yurie is a Vancouver-based Japanese voice actress & MC, and Steve is a visual artist and entrepreneur based in Vancouver. Since 2015, these three collaborators have created frequent Japanese-English poetry-based public performances and installations in Vancouver. Sora, Yurie, and Steve are founding members of The Tasai Collective, a Vancouver-based artist collective nurturing cross-cultural friendship through artistic collaboration. 

Experience this participatory music and dance light show! Soramaru, poet and EDM composer, will create live Bon Dance Poetic DJing with immersive visuals of projections in Kanji and English! Let’s have fun and dance the summer away! 

Soraはバンクーバー在住の日系人詩人、Yurieはバンクーバー在住の日系人声優でMC、Steveはバンクーバー在住のビジュアルアーティスト兼起業家です。2015年以来、この3人のコラボレーターは、バンクーバーで頻繁に日英の詩を軸にしたパブリック・パフォーマンスやインスタレーションを制作しています。Sora、Yurie、Steveは、バンクーバーを拠点に芸術的コラボレーションを通じて異文化間の友情を育むアーティスト集団、The Tasai Collectiveの創設メンバーです。
参加型の音楽とダンスのライトショーを体験しましょう! 詩人でありEDM作曲家でもある宙丸 が、漢字と英語のプロジェクションの没入型映像で詩的な盆踊りDJをライブで演奏します! 夏を楽しく踊り明かしましょう! 


Program Category

Interdisciplinary, Music, Dance, Visual Arts​


Japanese, English


Flashing or strobe lights