Beyond Bon Dance | TASAI Collective
ビヨンド盆踊り | 多彩コレクティブ

Location: Vancouver Japanese Language School

The Tasai Collective presents an experience that goes beyond traditional Bon Dance. Dance with history, together as one at this Live DJ show in ska reggae dub style with original Japanese poetry and EDM. With live Kanji and English subtitles, Tasai will take you on a journey through Nikkei history!  Performed by TASAI including DJ music + poetry / dub beats (Soramaru Takayama), VJ / warui steve (Steve Frost) 

Skraggy Techno*(*an original EDM style influenced by ska, reggae and dub). 

Check out Dub Beets’ YouTube channel here for 4 mini videos showing “How to dance Beyond Bon Dance”

The Tasai Collective is a non-profit organization of creatives working toward the common good. Tasai (多彩) is a Japanese word that means “multifaceted.”  They nurture cross cultural friendship through artistic collaboration. Sometimes bringing reflection to public spaces, sometimes bringing a club like vibe to indoor venues, Tasai always invites the audience into memorable and fun acts of co-creation. Kotoba Forest, funded by City of Vancouver and first performed at ANNEX theatre in 2019, is the consummation of Tasai’s genre blending explorations. An adaptation was commissioned for the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre’s 20th anniversary, a second adaptation was created and performed for the 2020 Heart of the City Festival. Tasai is pleased to be creating a third Kotoba Forest tailor-made for Powell Street Festival goers.


多彩コレクティブは、伝統的な盆踊りを超えた体験を提供します。日本のオリジナルの詩とEDMを使ったスカ・レゲエ・ダブスタイルのこのライブDJショーで、歴史とともに踊りましょう。漢字と英語の字幕付きで、多彩は日系の歴史を旅します! DJミュージック+詩/ダブビート(高山空丸)、VJ /ワルイスティーブ(スティーブ・フロスト)、 Skraggy Techno *(*スカ、レゲエ、ダブの影響を受けたオリジナルのEDMスタイル)を含む多彩による演奏です。 



Event Status

Program Type

On Location Live

Program Categories

Music, Dance, Poetry


Japanese, English


Wheelchair accessible

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