Sawagi Taiko さわぎ太鼓

Location: Diamond Stage (Oppenheimer Park)

Playing taiko, choreographed with movement, singing, and other instruments.

Formed in 1990, Sawagi Taiko is the first all Asian women’s taiko group in Canada.  They are a multi-generational group of women of East Asian and Indigenous heritage, brought together by our shared passion for Japanese drumming. “Sawagi” means to “cause a commotion” in Japanese. With thunderous drum beats, stirring vocals, & martial-arts inspired choreography, they share the empowerment and exhilaration we feel through taiko with their diverse audiences. They harness the power of the drum to support feminist & social justice ideals. Their spirit, creativity and mutual respect can be felt both on & off the stage. 

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Program Category

Music, Taiko​


Japanese, English