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Katari Taiko premieres a video of Rift, a new piece by member Andrew Czink, filmed at KW Studios. The title came from images of the eruption of Mt. Kilauea on Hawai’i Island and refers to both the ‘rift zones’ of the volcano through which molten lava flowed from, as well as the rift between the and destructive forces unleashed by the volcano in contrast with the beauty of flowing lava.  

Katari Taiko, the first taiko drum group in Canada, draws a large and enthusiastic following each year. Since 1979, they have performed traditional and original songs in numerous festival and theatre settings across North America, and have a history working with the Powell Street Festival since its inception. The group’s synergy, joy and passion, together with the visceral experience of taiko, provides an engaging experience for audiences of all ages and cultures.  




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