Onibana Taiko 鬼束太鼓

Location: Street Stage (Jackson Ave & Alexander St)

Onibana Taiko is kick-ass taiko meets traditional Japanese folk-art forms meet feminist queer punk aesthetics. They play taiko combined with our uber tactile and full-body resonating beats with the driving sounds of shamisen (Japanese banjo), and soul-piercing traditional Japanese vocals and fue (a wooden flute). Onibana Taiko invites audience members to commune with our ancestors through Obon dance and music (sort of like a Buddhist Japanese Dia De Los Muertos celebration).

Formed in 2016, Onibana Taiko are three veterans of Vancouver’s Taiko community whose performance presentations draw from Japanese folk music and dance, such as minyo and matsuri, to classical Kabuki, to recontextualize the burgeoning genre of ensemble taiko drumming. In addition to sourcing their Japanese roots, these Nikkei (Japanese Canadians) also intersperse their feminist punk rock, queercore, jazz, world beats and pop influences and aesthetics into their performance. Onibana Taiko are E. Kage, Noriko Kobayashi and Leslie Komori whose collective depth of performance and taiko experiences combine to over 100 years. Onibana loves the musical wisdom we amass as we mature. We refuse to age quietly and love making big sounds waves and body embracing music!  



Program Category

Music, Taiko​


Japanese, English


Sudden Loud Noises