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Mindful Brush | Steve and Kisyuu
マインドフル・ブラッシュ | スティーブと姫洲

Location: Online/Zoom

Mindful Brush is an interactive virtual workshop that begins with an introduction to mindful practice and the benefits it can bring to everyone including an explanation of the Mindful Circle. The second half of the workshop is an introduction to Japanese calligraphy, including the historical roots of brush, ink, and paper. Mindful Brush ends with drawing the enso, which participants keep as a reminder of the Mindful Circle. Discover community wellness at this virtual workshop through Japanese culture, calligraphy and zen mindfulness. 

Kisyuu is a Japanese calligrapher with over 25 years of both traditional and modern style of Japanese calligraphy. A brush and sumi-ink are her tools to express her true self and she brings characters to life. She has been working on her calligraphy installations, workshops, lessons, exhibitions, live performances and commissioned art works. Through her calligraphy art, she wishes to create peace, both inner and outer. Steve Frost is an artist, author, consultant, community organizer. He is Executive Director of the Tasai Foundation and principal consultant at Whitebox Creative. As an artist-entrepreneur-researcher, Steve is particularly interested in how artists might contribute to actionable knowledge in the realms of social systems and organizational change, nurturing sustainable creativity, forming collaborative communities and holding space within what is in order for what might emerge. 

A transcript of Mindful Brush is available here.




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