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An innovative musical meeting, and long-distance hi-fi collaboration between British hapa singer/recording artist Denise Sherwood and groundbreaking all-women’s drum groups, Sawagi and Onibana Taiko, with sound designs by legendary dub reggae producer Adrian Sherwood…   

Specially recorded for Powell Street Festival online, DUB THIS ROAD is a short film adaptation of Denise Sherwood’s debut album THIS ROAD, and presented as a preview version of TAIKOPERA- an experimental concept fusion of taiko drumming and contemporary opera.   

Featuring a unique cast of musicians and performers in a 21st century journey of performance traditions and pandemic theatrics, DUB THIS ROAD (TAIKOPERA) is a risky synthesis, a multidisciplinary meditation, which expands and connects diverse cultural perspectives and Asian Canadian histories. 

Production/direction: Don Chow   

Don Chow curates a collaboration with Denise Sherwood (Japanese-British) and Adrian Sherwood (indie record producer and father of emerging singer-songwriter Denise) and two Vancouver taiko groups. 



DUB THIS ROADは、デニース・シャーウッドのデビューアルバム『THIS ROAD(この道)』を短編映画化したもので、和太鼓と現代オペラの融合をコンセプトにした実験的な作品『TAIKOPERA』のプレビュー版として、パウエル祭オンラインのために特別に収録されました。   

「DUB THIS ROAD (TAIKOPERA)」は、和太鼓と現代オペラを融合させた実験的なコンセプト作品で、ユニークなミュージシャンやパフォーマーを起用し、伝統的なパフォーマンスとトレンディーな演劇を融合させた21世紀の旅です。  

制作・演出 はドン・チョウです。 


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