Dahaza will perform a variety of original and modern pieces consisting of traditional Japanese instruments that include taiko, shakuhachi, shamisen, sanshin, shinobue, and perhaps a surprise or two.

Dahaza is a wagakki (Japanese instrumental) group formed by Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos and joined by John Nguyen, Nori Akagi and Anny Lin. The group share their deep passion and connection with Japanese music and culture, focusing on new and traditional pieces that incorporate the taiko drum, shakuhachi, shamisen, and shinobue. “Daha” (Pounding Waves) is the title of a famous classical shakuhachi meditation piece which is a metaphor for breaking through one’s obstacles in life to reach success, happiness, and ultimately, enlightenment. 



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Program Category

Music, Taiko​


Japanese, English


Wheelchair accessible, Sudden Loud Noises