Asahi Memorial Service 朝日追悼式

Location: Demo Area (Oppenheimer Park)

The Vancouver Asahi was a Japanese Canadian baseball club in Vancouver. They were one of the most dominant amateur teams in the city. The team played out of the Powell Street Grounds (officially Oppenheimer Park) until the war broke out between Japan and the Allied Forces in 1941. Its members were interned by the federal government and the team was disbanded in 1942. They never played another game even after the war ended in 1945.   

The Asahi Baseball Association was first established to commemorate the Asahi on the 100 year anniversary and now gives youth the opportunity to celebrate the much-loved sport of baseball and Asahi. On behalf of the Asahi Baseball Association, Reverend Aoki of Vancouver Buddhist Church conducts a memorial service to pay tribute to those Asahi players at the Powell Street Festival. Everybody will be welcome to join the commemoration at memorial service. 

Every 2-3 years, Asahi Baseball Association form a team to travel to Japan for the players and the parents to enjoy Japanese culture and the Japanese way of baseball. Learn more about their forthcoming trip to Japan at the Asahi Pitch Game in the Interactive Zone. 



アサヒ野球協会では、2~3年ごとに選手と保護者に日本文化や日本式野球を楽しんでもらうため、日本へ遠征しています。インタラクティブゾーンのAsahi Pitch Gameでは、彼らの日本遠征について詳しく紹介しています。 

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