Pac West Kimono

Available at the Festival

Yukatas, hair accessories, kimonos, jinbeis, pouches, card cases, glasses cases, socks, belts, hats, sandals, purses, keychains



Pac West Kimono has been selling unique and beautiful Japanese merchandise in North America since 2001. Their mission is to combine traditional and modern Japanese pop culture through their products. We carry a wide range of items for adults and kids.

Pac West Kimono は、北アメリカで2001年からユニークで美しい日本の商品を販売しています。彼らのミッションは、商品を通じて伝統と現代的な日本のポップ文化を融合させることです。大人から子供にまで使える幅広い商品を用意しています。